Building 2nd Network & wireless bridged with 1st Network

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by df2005, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. df2005

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    I need to setup second network in the home office in the next building and i want to use the home internet connection. I currently got WRT54G1 V2 router with a desktop and laptop connected on the first network. I also brought a WPS54GU2 print server for access for my laptop to the printer without hasn’t to start the desktop. It was only after i brought that I found out it hadn't WPA :( . So i didn't set it up because of the obvious reason.
    I need some advice on the second network before buying the equipment.
    I am going to buy a second WRT54G for again for printer/PowerMac via ethernet and wireless network for laptop.
    I'm also going to change the channel of the second WRT54G to prevent it from interfering with the first and expanding the range of the network. I also need to connect it to the first network for internet access. so I was going to use a WAP54G as a Ethernet bridge as suggested in one of these forums.

    Also the various topics within this forum i noticed that one guy used a WAP54G in bridge mode with the WPS54GU2 print server working to get it secure. I was hoping that i could link it up a second WRT54G via Ethernet instead and hope that works. Have anyone tried this Setup and have they seen any problems?
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