Busted NSLU2? No Web Interface

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by jarmo, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. jarmo

    jarmo Network Guru Member

    I have about 4 weeks old NSLU2 that I'm starting to think has broken. No mods except downloading the latest Linksys firmware (R63 I think).

    It has suddenly reverted back to "out of the box" configuration (IP, device name LKG67CD76E or something similar).

    If I set my computer to the same subnet I can ping NSLU2 OK. I can't connect to it with web browser. Linksys setup utility sees the box but after I change any settings and hit "save" it waits awhile and comes back with "failed, please try again" message.

    I can mount (under Windows) the device with the name it has and access the drive so at least I could copy data back to my old trusty w98 box (ie. the "server" that NSLU2 was to retire).

    Just as a side thing: this NSLU2 had never gone more than 5 days w/o locking up or somehow "losing" both drives attached to it. Wonder if I've had a defective unit from the beginning?

    Any pointers if I should try something else before starting the calls to tech support.


  2. Mujja

    Mujja Network Guru Member

    A firmware reflash may help but without the web menu that won't be easy.

    Use the Sercomm utility to reflash the NLSU2, follow the guide . I've used this util to load the Linksys and Unslung firmware.here
  3. jarmo

    jarmo Network Guru Member

    Mujja, thanks for the tip. I used it and could reflash apparently OK. However still no web interface.

    Ended up spending hour on the phone with tech support, they sent me a new unit, been running trouble-free for the last 3 days.

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