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    CALGREG Network Guru Member

    Interesting.. the version on the wrt54g site (batbox) incorporates busybox 1.00-pre2 apparently. I did a strings search on /var/bin/busybox. So, I'm confused as to the posts about version 0.6 of busybox. Datewise, interestingly enough 0.6 looks like it fell off on 10/26/2002, where the changelog only starts with pre8. So, if you can see where I'm going, if sveasoft is using busybox 1.00, it sure seems that hyperwrt version of busybox is 1.00 also, assuming the data in strings is correct!


    BusyBox v1.00-pre2 (2003.08.30-16:40+0000) hush - the humble shell v0.01 (testing)
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
    sourcing /etc/profile

    26-Oct-2002 22:11 612K
    busybox-0.60.5.tar.b..> 26-Oct-2002 22:11 558
    busybox-0.60.5.tar.gz 26-Oct-2002 22:11 767K
    busybox-0.60.5.tar.g..> 26-Oct-2002 22:11 555

    busybox-1.00-pre8.ta..> 23-Feb-2004 01:25 1.1M
    busybox-1.00-pre8.ta..> 23-Feb-2004 01:25 567
    busybox-1.00-pre8.ta..> 23-Feb-2004 01:25 1.2M
  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    Indeed, most packages used in the wrt54g now have newer versions. But that doesn't mean the old ones are bad or buggy.
    Updating busybox and the other packages would give us more features, but they would most likely break a lot of linksys stuff and could slowdown the wrt54g's performance.
    I would rather stick close to the official firmware, as this is the goal of this project. I don't really want to make a new firmware, just a enhanced linksys firmware :wink:

    CALGREG Network Guru Member

    Hi Avenger,
    My goof in my post... What I was trying to say, was that the version of busybox in hyperwrt seems to be version 1, based on the version that is downloaded from the wrt54g site (batbox.tar) and put in startup script. That's the binary (that I ran strings against).

    I meant to comment that everyone is having troubles with the klogd daemon timing out, and needing to restart it for Wallwatcher. It is suggested that its fixed in version 1 of busybox but it seems that that this is what is being used?

    I don't know what I'm missing here.

    Thank you very much, and I really do think you have great firmware. I need to see how best to implement qos!!!
  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    HyperWRT and Linksys firmware uses busybox 0.60 (the previous stable release). Batbox uses bustbox 1.0pre7 (or something like that). Klogd and syslog where completely rewritten in busybox 1.0, so that explains why they probably don't have this bug.

    CALGREG Network Guru Member

    I'm sorry but I'm missing something probably pretty obvious. As part of the "startup" script, lots of people (to make wallwatcher work) are doing a wget from www.wrt54g.com batbox.tar.. and untarring, etc, and starting the batbox shell. This is version 1 of busybox, right? Thats what strings is telling me. If so..then where can i find version 0.6 that you mention?

    Its probaby something easy that I'm just not thinking about...

    Thank you.
  6. auslander

    auslander Network Guru Member

    Version 0.6 of busybox is built-in to the firmware. It has different features enabled than the batbox version people are adding in. So, if you are grabbing batbox.tar for other features, you actually have two versions of busybox on the router then.
  7. madnessme

    madnessme Guest

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