Buying another wrt54g(s)??

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by tdave00, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. tdave00

    tdave00 Network Guru Member

    I am buying another wrt54g. I already have a 3.0 version, but my sister is needing one to leach some free internet so we are buying her one. Which version of the GS will work with dd-wrt? And I am thinking of swapping her GS for my G? Any suggestions or advice --- please.

  2. DevilStick

    DevilStick Network Guru Member


    I bought 2 weeks ago current versions of WRT54G and a WRT54GS. Both are running DD-WRT pre4. There were no problems when changing from official firmware to DD-WRT.
    I have the impression that the UI of the WRT54GS reacts a bit faster, 'cause of the extra memory. So take the GS when buying her a G-modell :wink:
  3. tdave00

    tdave00 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the answer. (And I am gonna snatch the new GS). I loaded alchemy 6.0 on my wrt v3.0 and it was very stable but the speed download speed was terrible. It was less than the upload on every test. With the Linksys firmware it was well over 2mbs (10 times faster than alchemy). Is this normal? Will I experience this with dd-wrt pre4/pre5 as well? I have talisman 1.04 and I would like to use that as well (read that it's pretty buggy though), but what is the best firmware for my wrtgs ver 2.0 of the ones mentioned above? (Will alchemy final run on it? If so, will I notice the speed drops as well?)

    I know that's alot of questions, but I need alot of answers :).

    (And btw...all I have been doing is reading these posts for about 2 weeks...I have done my homework.)

  4. tdave00

    tdave00 Network Guru Member

    WOW! I just downloaded dd-wrt (v.22 pre4 basic) on my wrtg v3.0 and did a speed test. I had just done a speed test a few minutes before using the newest linksys firmware. My speeds doubled using dd-wrt v.22 pre4 (best speed test in months actually). I am gonna put this on my wrtgs 2.0 now. Very impressed so far.

    The only thing I have noticed is that it seems to have reversed the numbers of my lan ports. I have my computer hooked into port 1 and when I am downloading something I see the light for port 4 blinking; port 4 for my voip adapter and when I am on the phone the light for port 1 is blinking. That's the only thing so far. Not a negative though.

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