Bypassing Microsoft 10 clients max limit for workgroup?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by techmanblues, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. techmanblues

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    In a workgroup LAN where all stations are Windows, there is a limit of 10 clients or less before Microsoft requires a domain-based network runs by a Windows Server domain controller and every PC becomes a client. I have seen people using a Snap Server as the file server to bypass this 10 clients max limit. Can the NSLU2 do the same?

    I do not have 10 or more computers running Windows to test this out. Anyone has 10 or more computers running Windows at home or at work to test this out?

    I asked this question on Linkys chat, and the person has never heard of such a situation. I guess it assumes that anyone who uses the NSLU2 is in a small Windows network less than 10 clients.

    By the same token, how does the NSLU2 fit into a domain-based Windows network? Does it act like a regular Windows client? That does not seem right to me given the NSLU2 does not run Windows. I cannot find any references to the use of the NSLU2 in a large network through googling.
  2. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    I think the reason no one is using the NSLU2 on the higher clients number is because of the performance... That and its a mainstream consumer product. The performance of this thing is enough to fill the needs of a household or small business. (And I mean, small, like a small cyber cafe) I mean 6 or fewer pcs. About 4 pcs can stream dvd off of the nslu2 drive, I've done it with 3 and there's still bandwidth leftover. When working with larger workgroups, the NSLU2 would just be a temporary fix to the need for a low-level server.

    Perhaps there is a registry hack you can do in windows that will allow more pcs in the workgroup.
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