can connect to network but not to internet

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by influx, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. influx

    influx Network Guru Member

    i have WRT54GSv5 with a WUSB54GS adapter and i cannot for some reason connect to the internet on my computer that has the WUSB54GS. i can connect to the network, can get an ip address and can ping my router, other computers on the network (some wired, some wireless), but cannot ping anything outside of my network. all of my other computers can reach the web no problem. i just re-formated this computer and installed a fresh copy of XP with SP2, and after installation went right into trying to setup the internet connection... but cannot get the damn thing to work. i've quadruple checked everything.. and am totally stumped. i usually manualy specify ip addresses but in trying to fix this i've set it to obtain ip's and dns servers automatically, just to rule out possibly making a mistake somewhere... but STILL cannot connect. i'm not sure if this is a router issue or a windows xp issue, but i'd figure i'd start here. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bonsvoeux

    Bonsvoeux Guest

    Same problem here

    I just set up a WRT54GX2 with a WUSB54GS on a Win2000 system. I too have the same condition, but once in awhile I'll get an internet connection for a minute or so. There are 2 iBooks running wireless on this network with absolutely no problem (they are in the same office). Signal strength is about 40%.

    Help from Linksys consisted of tweaking some of the advanced wireless settings - dropped the Beacon Rate from 100 to 75, and dropped the Fragmentation and RTS Threshold slightly. We did get a connection but it only lasted about a minute. Meanwhile the Macs remained connected and fast.

    I then took the WUSB54GS to another location and installed it in another PC running Win2000. 3 open WiFi spots are available at this location with the following respective signal strength 38%, 39% and 87%. While connection to the routers was made with all 3 only with the one with 87% signal strength (router just 4 feet away) was I able to connect to the internet and stay connected.

    So, it seems to me that once the signal strength drops below 50% the WUSB54GS fails or is unstable in holding the connection (at least the one we have).

    BTW the WRT54GX2 is fast. In order to get this PC on line temporarily I connected it directly to an iBook (ethernet) set to share it's wireless connection and was able to watch streaming video (MLB feed) and had a download speed of 4.4 Mbps on the PC. But I can't leave this Mac as a sharing point.

    Hearing numerous similar problems I am beginning to wonder whether this Linksys product is a dog and am looking for another solution.

    Anyone else coming to the same conclusion?
  3. SkooWID

    SkooWID Guest

    WRT54Gv2.0 Same problem

    I can get at most 3 wifi hosts to access the internet, it seems.

    the fourth one can see the router, has an ip address, can ping other hosts on lan, but cannot reach the internet..

    Looking at the outgoing logs after attempting to go to, say,, I don't even see the attempt for the 4th machine going out.

    It seems the packets are not getting routed through for it... Anyone have a similar problem?

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