can Help with DMZ and EG008W switch

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by scottawag, Nov 26, 2007.

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    OK here is my dilemma. I know this sounds a bit odd but once you follow through you will see why I am trying to do this.

    I have a RV042 and a EG008W Gigabit switch. I have a PC with 2 NICs in it. 1- Gigabit NIC and 1- 10/100 NIC.

    I would like to connect the Gigabit NIC to the eg008w and keep my speed up on the internal network at Gigabit speeds as the other devices are also Gigabit so the throughput is good.

    My internet connection currently goes from the RV042 and then is patched to the EG008w so the other PC's have internet connectivity.

    My issues lies here. On the one PC (the one above listed with 2 NIC's) I would like to connect the second NIC the 10/100 to the DMZ port on the RV042. Since this is the speed of my connectivity. I have tried not including the Default gateway on the NIC settings for the Gigabit NIC, no luck. Currently if I connect the pc to the DMZ port I can't even get out to the internet let alone have it open to the internet.

    Any help would be greatly appreacited. The pc is running XP SP2.

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