Can I bridge a WRT54GS and a WAP54GX?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cmiller6359, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. cmiller6359

    cmiller6359 Network Guru Member

    I just bought (new) WRT54GS and WAP54GX and would like to bridge them using WDS. Can this be done? I've read some FAQs but apparently haven't found the right one because I can't even FIND a WDS setup option on these two devices.

    Do I need to ebay these two and start over with something else? If so, any recommendations?

    I'm trying to bridge approx 500ft without clear line of sight. the WRT54GS w/linksys high gain antenna kit gets me about halfway there, and past the trees with 'very good' signal, but won't reach the destination. I figured I'd just add a WAP and bridge the two, but can't find the appropriate setup options.

    WRT54GS v.3 fw 4.70.6
    WAP54GX fw 1.15


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