Can I create a wired ethernet bridge instead of using WDS?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by vibe666, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    I have two WRT54GS's running tomato and have them linked using WDS as I have wired clients on both routers.

    This might be a silly question, but can I use one of the spare ethernet ports on each router to bridge them instead of using WDS?

    I can't wire them directly, but I thought I could use a pair of homeplug ethernet over power line adapters to join them together and hopefully get a bit more performance out of them.

    I have 20bmps cable broadband now, so I want to make the most of it, as well as streaming video from a server connected to one router to my xbox (running xbmc) connected to the other and sometimes I have some minor speed issues due (i think) in part to the maximum speed I get via the WDS link.

    I figure if I get two homeplug's I can remove that bottleneck and hopefully see some speed increases across the LAN, but I have no idea if it's as simple as just connecting the two routers via ethernet or if I have to configure them a specific way?

    thanks for the help.

  2. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Of course u can.
  3. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I guess at that point, you'd just be turning the second router into simply a Wi-Fi AP with a 3-port switch.
  4. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Yes you can, and should! Disable DHCP on the second router, assign it an IP address on in the same range as your first, and plug the wired Ethernet (PowerLine) to the second router's LAN port, not WAN. Configure the routers to use non-overlapping channels and I think you're done!
  5. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    Yep, non-overlapping channels but the same SSID and WPA/PSK security settings.
  6. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    cool, that'll be very handy then, I currently have to use WEP rather than WPA as I could never get WPA to work with WDS.

    I've never had DHCP enabled on the second router, all the clients connected to it are using DHCP provided by router #1 already. they are also both on the same channel with the same SSID, but that's a pre-requisite of the WDS set up so I can sort that out now.

    cool anyway, so I'll get two homeplugds and I'm all set, thanks. :)
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