Can I do it with wrt54g (scenario feasible)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by i_do, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. i_do

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    Hi folks,

    I need your help!

    Is it possible to use the wrt54g in the following scenario as router?

    The scenario:

    The wrt54g connects via pppoe to the internet provider and gets an transit ip address.
    The IP address is ONLY a transit IP address used by the ISP to route the real IP network, therefore it cannot be used for accessing the Internet.

    So I need a second IP fixes WAN address for routing and hiding/NATing the internal network.

    Is it possible to configure the wrt54g to have a second, fix IP (WAN) address and that he does NAT with it?


    I do
  2. i_do

    i_do Network Guru Member

    Okay I thought about it and that is how it shold work, or what is your opinion on that?

    First scenario (2 routers)

    The WRT54G does the PPPOE and has the "real" network configured on the inside interface. NAT is disabled on the WRT54G.

    A second router is connected to the inside interface of the WRT54G (of course having a IP from the "real" network). The second router has the LAN on the second interface and NAT it.

    Second scenario (all on WRT54G)

    The WRT54G does the PPPOE and is connected to the LAN with the second interface. The LAN (of course) has RFC IP addresses and the following NAT rules are configured within iptables:

    Source: LAN (e.g. 192.168.0.x)
    Destination: ANY (
    Action: replace source IP with "real" network IP

    Source: ANY (
    Destination: ANY (
    Action: leave original source and destination addresses

    Do you agree or not?

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