Can I do remote desktop through rv042?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ckoverman, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. ckoverman

    ckoverman Network Guru Member

    I'm a newbie to vpn. I'd like to be able to setup up the rv042 so that I can access any machine behind the router remotely via windows remote desktop (all machines sitting behind the rv042 use private IP addresses). I seems like I should be able to do this with a vpn tunnel, but I'm just not sure how.
  2. skorell

    skorell Network Guru Member

    You don't need to use a VPN tunnel if you just want to use RDC. You just need to port forward TCP Port 3389 to the private ip of the box behind the router you want to control. I would also recommend looking into UltraVNC ( Very similar to RDC, but has some additional features (I.E. file transfer, chat, etc. VNC uses tcp port 5900 by default, but you can set it manually to control different PC's (I.E. set PC1 to 5900, PC2 to 5901, PC3 to 5902, etc...). You would just need to setup a port forwarding rule for each on of these ports to the matching PC behind the router.
  3. ckoverman

    ckoverman Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the info. I do want to access more than one pc behind the NAT and, since RDC only uses 3389, I could only get to 1 PC using port forwarding. I was hoping that I could just vpn into the router then do RDC using the private addresses of the PCs. I'm just not sure if it would work. Maybe VNC is the best way to go.
  4. skorell

    skorell Network Guru Member

    It looks like you can change the listening port for RDC as well. I found the instructions below through a google search.

    How to change the Remote Desktop port using Regedit

    Using Regedit, go to key:


    Open the Edit menu, click Modify, click Decimal, enter the new port number, and click OK.

    You might need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
  5. ckoverman

    ckoverman Network Guru Member

    Hey thanks. I'll check it out.
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