Can i setup Tomato to see two subnets?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by EricCartman, May 14, 2010.

  1. EricCartman

    EricCartman LI Guru Member

    Hi all i need router to see subnets such as and can it be done?

    Thank you
  2. onehomelist

    onehomelist Addicted to LI Member

    Yes you can. If you are setting it up on older routers like Linksys WRTGL, then you can follw the guide posted on this thread

    If it is on newer routers like Asus rt-n16, then you need to modify the commands a bit. This is because Asus rt-n16 uses vlan2 for WAN, while older routers use vlan1. Also the physical ports are numbered differently. Down below I have quoted the changes i did. I've not tried it. I did it so that those who know can verify it for errors.

    If you are doing it to increase the availbale number of ips on the network, then you can use subnet. This will give you thousands of ips.
  3. EricCartman

    EricCartman LI Guru Member

    i need one subnet working properly and other for testing but both needs to have internet connection
  4. RonWessels

    RonWessels Network Guru Member

    You could always just get a second router and connect its WAN port to the existing (working) LAN to create a test network. That way, no accidental configuration reset can mess up your network.

    Is your time really worth so little that it is better to spend a bunch of it getting your configuration working vs simply spending $50 for a second router?
  5. onehomelist

    onehomelist Addicted to LI Member

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