Can I use my HG200 as a Wireless Access Point / Bridge?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by wozwebs, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Hi there, I currently have a D-Link wireless ADSL Router downstairs and upstairs I have a Netgear wireless ethernet bridge (WGE101) which i've had for a few years. Now recently the wireless signal keeps cutting out all the time. I thought it was the router so I purchased the Linksys HG200 wireless gateway and tried that.

    All was fine for a while but that too now keeps dropping the signal. The wireless D-Link card in my laptop stays constant and has never dropped signal once so i presume that the Netgear bridge is at fault.

    So tonight I have plugged the D-Link back in and its working with the Netgear again but still dropping (there are no onjects int he way and using the laptop upstairs is fine btw) so I am wondering if I can use the HG200 as a bridge/access point in the same way that the Netgear was used. Can this be done and if so how?

    I have disconnected the Netgear and plugged the HG200 into the ethernet port on my PC and have brought up the menu on, however that is what the laptop looks at to see the D-Links menus.

    In the HG200 I can change it's status to

    RFC 2364 PPPoA (currently selected)
    RFC 1483 Bridged
    RFC 1483 Routed
    RFC 2516 PPPoE
    Bridge Mode Only

    Am really unsure what to do next, have played around with it to no avail so far. Any help for a newbie would be most welcome. Cheers ;)
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