Can I Use Tomato VPN on WHR-G54S

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bosstone75, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. bosstone75

    bosstone75 Networkin' Nut Member

    Hey all,

    I SWEAR I've spent a couple of hours looking around various forums looking for this answer and I get stuck every time.

    I have a Buffalo WHR-G54S that is currently running the 1.4 firmware from Buffalo.

    I'd like to be running some instance of Tomato with VPN access. (I was thinking TomatoVPN)

    So I downloaded the binaries, but there's several different files titled the names of various routers and none of them are the name of my router, so I don't know which to use.

    I looked at TomatoVPN with the ND option, but folks say that if your router isn't the right version, it will brick the router and I can't figure out how to determine what version my router is.

    The basic question is... can anyone tell me what version of Tomato with VPN I can and should run on my router?

    Or isn't there a version with VPN compatible?

    Oh... and should I just follow the directions for upgrading to Tomato that's found with the "regular" Tomato build? I can't seem to find directions specific to TomatoVPN.

  2. Kyusaku

    Kyusaku Network Guru Member

    I haven't tried this on a Buffalo, I have flashed the mainline build on a Buffalo. With the mainline ones, there was never a firmware specific to that model, you could use any of them. And the TomatoVPN should fit on the 4MB Flash. SgtPepperKSU has his own thread on this specific firmware, maybe you can check in there to confirm the Buffalo accepts the TomatoVPN firmware.
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