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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by 5hi7h34d, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. 5hi7h34d

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    Currently have a 3+ year old WRT54GL running Tomato 1.25. Suddenly I have a need to rid myself of some lan cables strung across my place in a fashion that most significant others would find not acceptable. :eek:

    So, considering buying another one, loading Tomato, and connecting to the current one wirelessly. That way I could simply plug my HT components into the new Linksys. I know I could do this with the older version of DD-WRT I ran, can I do this in vanilla Tomato 1.25 or do I need one of the modded versions? If so is there a FAQ to show me how?

    Pardon my newbie-ness!
  2. gawd0wns

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    If the devices you are describing are hooked up via wire, you can choose "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" wireless mode. You can leave your current router as it is now in "Access Point" mode, serving your wireless clients and internet connection, and whatever wired devices you are leaving plugged into it.

    Wireless Ethernet Mode is easy. Flash your new router with Tomato (No mods are needed!!) and do the following: I am going to assume that you leave your old router as it is, so we have a wireless network to work with..

    1. Go to the Basic -> Network screen. In the Wireless section, choose "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" from the wireless mode dropdown.

    2.Select "B" or "G" mode, do not leave it on "Both". Next, enter your wireless network SSID name in the SSID box, so your new router knows which network to connect to.

    3. Select the wireless channel your wifi network is running on, I never tried leaving this as auto, something you can try out if you want to.

    4. Enter the security and encryption settings (I also recommend you specify one type only, ie. WPA Personal, or WPA2 Personal.. Not WPA Personal/WPA2 Personal. Same goes for the encryption type.) and your wifi network password.

    5. Go up to the LAN section on the same page, and enter an ip address (I recommend you create a static dhcp entry for your new router, on the one running dhcp, which would be your old one) for your router, and the IP address of your main router in the default gateway field.... If you need an extra wired port, tick the "Use WAN port for LAN" box in the WAN/INTERNET section, which suddenly morphed when "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" mode was selected.

    Click save... And there you have a Wireless Ethernet Bridge in 5 steps.... Now all wired devices connected to your new router are connected wirelessly to the rest of the network.

    Like so:

  3. 5hi7h34d

    5hi7h34d Addicted to LI Member

    WOW! I saw your post before you edited it but I was in a hurry and on my way out. Came back to save to pdf and ask a coupla more questions but it appears you have answered all of them!

    Excellent post, exactly what I needed to know and wanted to hear!

    Again, thanks!
  4. 5hi7h34d

    5hi7h34d Addicted to LI Member

    New WRT54Gl arrived yesterday, per this small tutorial it's up and running beautifully! Thanks again!

    I did have to use WEP because I have an old Laptop I connect once in a while. Not very secure for the time being but that will change soon.
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