Can NSLU2 format a Partition instead of an entire disk?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Goanna, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Goanna

    Goanna LI Guru Member

    Simple question, was just hoping I could get an answer before I go and create partitions on my external drive.

    I dont have anywhere else to move the files to on my external drive right now. I do plan on getting another external drive soon, but really didnt want to get another one just to get the NSLU2 working.

    If I use partitionmagic to create a partition before the existing data, will the NSLU2 be able to format just that partition, or is it going to want to format the whole disk?
  2. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

    short answer: no.

    long answer:
    Nay. If you want to format it with the NSLU2 web interface, then yes.
    Although you can telnet into the device and mount the ext3 partition anywhere you want and possibly more. Not sure though how all that works in the stock Linksys firmware after reboots etc.
    With Unslung this certainly wouldn't be a problem at all.
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