Can onLine PSP knock off Wireless PC?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Drue, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Drue

    Drue Network Guru Member

    I have a quick question -- there is a WRT54G at my daughter's house. Her wireless connection has worked for the last 8 months until her house mates put their PSPs 'on line' a few days ago. Now, though she's rebooted the cable modem, router, and her pc, many times, she cannot connect to the internet.

    Is it possible the PSPs cause the wireless pc to get 'knocked' off the network?

    If so, what can I do to configure the router (when I physically go to her house).

    . . . and, is there a way to configure it remotely -- in the option, I clicked the box that allows remote access), but I can't remember how to access it. . . :?

  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    to remote management works like this
    the X's are the ip address and the Z's are the port. if it does not work the try to change the port address to 5000 it worked for me.

    now that you will have physical access to the computer check it for viruses spyware etc.

    go into the router wireless settings

    just to isolate the problem backup the router config and reset it. i belive that to connect a psp to the internet the router has to be in ad-doc and in ad-doc computers cannot connect. atleast that is what i gathered from past experience

    check drivers for the wireless adapter or wireless nic that she has. make sure they are working order.

    if you can bring your own laptop if oyu have one and see if you can connect to the router wirelessly.
  3. Drue

    Drue Network Guru Member

    Thanx for getting back so quick - I'll bring my laptop with me tomorrow and try out your suggestions. I don't think she's hit the router's reset, and she doesn't know how to access the router's config -- I don't know if I remember -- time to look for the user guide! Btw, I know there's nothing wrong with her wireless card, or the router.

    After reading some of the posts from people who can't connect psp's if the router is set for the secure mode -- which hers is not. I'll also set the WEP (?) to secure mode. If I do this, will it block the psp's? this would be fine, since her roommates refuse to help pay for the connection.

    I hope it's ok if I post any additional problems/questions I may have, I feel really stupid about all this stuff.

    Again, thanks
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    just a quick trouble shooting question is the routers power led blinking??

    i myself dont own a psp but if the psp's support wep then yes they will be able to connect to teh network. and if they dont they will not be able to connect to the netowrk.

    to get to teh routers config just type (or what ever it was changed to if it was changed) in your web browser and the username should left blank. and the pasword is "admin"(or what ever it was changed to if it was changed.)
    sure go ahead it is a support forum :D
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