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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ndata, Jul 7, 2006.

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    i did a site survey and i see that many people have 1 ch and I have six. How many channels should I have and how do I change that? Also I see they have infra wep shortslot and i have infra wep. Whats the difference and how do I change it is one better than the other. I also see that they have rates in blue and green basically a long list than rates than what I have. Is that bad? Would you recommend 128 bits 26 hex digits or would you recommend the lower one.

    what would perfer to use access point or access point + wds? I have 1 wireless computer and 2 computers on cat5.
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    The channel is just a different frequency. You are on channel 6 which is 2.437 Ghz and they are on channel 1 which is 2.412 Ghz. If you are using HyperWRT then you have up to 14 channels to chose from. Your Wireless card must support those channels. US uses 1-11 and I think Europe uses 1-13 and Japan 1-14. You can check this under the Wireless Tab on Basic Wireless Settings.
    Where it says wireless channel that is where you can select the channel you want to use. You should be fine since you are on a different channel than your neighbors.

    Infra wep shortslot and infra wep I am not sure of the difference.

    The rates are the wireless transmission rates. 54mb/s to 1mb/s. You should have the ability to go up too 54mb/s. Just go under the Wireless tab and select advanced wireless settings. You can see all of the rates your router will accept under the transmission rate dropdown box. Your wireless card has to except it too. If you have a wireless G card then you will be fine. If you have a wireless B card then you can only transmit so fast. I think it is 11mb/s.

    As far as security, I don't use it. I have a big yard and good neighbors, so I can't help you there.

    You say you have one wireless computer and two wired. Then you only need to have access point. There is help on the left blue margin. "Wireless Distribution System (WDS): Allows several WDS-capable routers to be linked together creating a bigger wireless network." So you would use that to have one router connect to another router. But if you are only using the one computer to connect to the internet, then use access point. It won't hurt you to use access + WDS but you don't need it.

    Last how are you seeing your network on the site survey? It allows you to see other wireless networks not your own. Try changing your Wireless Network Name (SSID) under the wireless tab basic wireless settings. Someone else might have the deffault "linksys" SSID and you would be confusing them with you.

    Hope this helps
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