Can Tomato get me around my work blockade??

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by pradc, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. pradc

    pradc Addicted to LI Member

    My workplace has an open wifi network available. I don't use it for actual internet surfing, BUT I was using the network for cell access. I work in the basement without any cell coverage, but my phone (blackberry curve, tmobile) was usable over the wifi network.

    Unfortunately, they now have a logon screen that you have to go through to use the wifi -- which is based on a java applet....which blackberry cannot handle. question can I get around this? A bit of a noob, but could I setup a tomato router that would logon to the network (maybe via ethernet cabled laptop), and then broadcast a separate ssid that my cell could use?

    I apologize for the convoluted question, and hope it's clear...but it's making me a bit crazy, and I could use any help!

  2. fyellin

    fyellin LI Guru Member

    Have you tried talking to your SysAdmins? The iPhone doesn't support Java either, so I bet they're getting lots of complaints.
  3. pradc

    pradc Addicted to LI Member

    actually, I have an ipod touch, which I use to quickly get online sometimes, and it DOES allow me to go though the login process. I know that's weird, because iphone doesn't support java....but can it sometimes handle applets? I don't know.....

    in any case, sysadmin said there is nothing he can do. Any other thoughts? Is the tomato scheme totally crazy?
  4. jersully

    jersully LI Guru Member

    Assuming you have wired network access in the basement, you could set up your own wireless AP. This will likely make your SysAdmin pretty angry, and understandably so.

    If you do it, make sure the security is good. WPA2, good passwords, no wireless administration, MAC filtering, esoteric IP range, no DHCP, no SSID broadcast... heck, lower the transmit power too so it doesn't broadcast much farther than your office.
  5. pradc

    pradc Addicted to LI Member

    unfortunately, I DON'T have wired access :(

    that's why I was hoping this would work. Is it not possible to use the tomato flashed router to work as a node on the existing wifi, broadcasting it's own ssid, which I could log in through?
  6. Low-WRT

    Low-WRT LI Guru Member

    That's not possible with Tomato (yet), but DD-WRT can do it.
  7. pradc

    pradc Addicted to LI Member

    oh wow! --really? DD-WRT can do it? Do you happen to know how I would configure it to make it happen?

    (or if that is too off topic for this forum, could you possibly direct me to somewhere I might find out?)

    thanks so much!
  8. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    Yes, as of v24.

    I run Tomato on most of my routers, but also have a WTR54GS that won't run Tomato. Originally the WTR wouldn't even run DD-WRT but support was eventually added - first for the 4MB flash / 16MB RAM model v1.0 which I thought I'd bought, then later for the crippled 2MB flash / 8MB RAM model v2.0 which I actually bought.

    The WTR54GS Linksys firmware supported this as well by offering an wireless WAN option, although only unencrypted. This was a fairly unique feature at the time and useful on the road so I probably wouldn't have upgraded to any firmware not offering the same or better. DD-WRT offered better by supporting encryption. Setup isn't as simple but I've used it successfully on the road so it does work. I saved a pdf copy of the setup guides linked below just in case I got stuck..., and it turned out I needed them, :-D . I hadn't touched the DD-WRT configuration pages in quite a while and was tired so needed the reminder.

    There are a couple of guides I found to be useful in setting this up, one at Wi-Fi Planet and another in the DD-WRT wiki. Some other useful links are list of devices supported by DD-WRT, DD-WRT downloads, and the DD-WRT wiki installation page. There is a "stable" directory there if you want to play it safe. I personally am currently running the VINT (for vintage driver as opposed to new driver) build found under the /others/eko/V24_TNG/svn10991/ directory.
  9. Low-WRT

    Low-WRT LI Guru Member

    Yeah, download the appropriate v24 and set it up in client bridge mode. Once configured, you can activate the VAP. Now, your router will pick up your company's wifi, and from there, you can broadcast your own ssid. You can add security to it also. Also, you'll now have up to 5 ports you can now hook up wired connections to.

    And, like someone else said, make sure to run it by your sysadmin, b/c he's going to notice it anyway:wink:
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