Can Tomato route 1Gbit through NAT on any router?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Marcin R., Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Marcin R.

    Marcin R. Connected Client Member

    I was wondering if there's any router hardware known to be able to route 1Gbit while using any variant of Tomato. I just got a fancy gigabit fiber connection and I'm hoping I can still stay with tomato, which I've been using forever.

    I'm currently using Shibby's build on an Asus RT-AC3200, which is a very fast router, but it can't handle that much bandwidth. In default settings, the router maxed out at about 300Mbit down, 400Mbit up while doing NAT. CPU load was pretty low. I disabled any kind of features which inspect packets which I don't need, and it went up a little more, about 350 down / 420 up. Finally, I enabled Cut Through Forwarding, which helped a lot, the router can now do NAT at about 480Mbit down / 560 Mbit up. CPU load is less than 50% while doing this. This is all on a wired port, wireless can't work this fast. When I plug my PC straight into the modem, I get 940 mbit up and down.

    Has anyone gotten any router to do NAT at about 1Gbit? My Asus router seems to be one of the fastest ones currently available.

    Thanks for any tips.
  2. bjlockie

    bjlockie Network Guru Member

    I think router should be able to do 1Gbit speed.
    How fast is the Asus or Merlin firmware on that router?
  3. M_ars

    M_ars Network Guru Member

  4. Marcin R.

    Marcin R. Connected Client Member

    My solution was to buy a Ubiquiti router, the AC-3200 will become a wireless AP. CTF, does limit the usefullness of Tomato, since it removes a lot of packets from Tomato's data path, so bandwidth monitoring is broken, it's outright incompatible with QoS, etc. The basic Ubiquiti can handle a total of 4Gbps through NAT with a dozen filtering rules active (so a 1gbps bidirectional connection will eat half the throughput).

    The stock Asus firmware can't NAT at 1Gbps either on my AC-3200. I don't think the hardware can handle it. This was just NAT, nothing else enabled.

    IPv6 is only an option for services which support IPv6, and only a small part of the internet supports it natively to date. I haven't tested if the AC-3200 can route 1Gbps of IPv6, since Ookla uses IPV4 and I don't feel like setting up an ipv6 iperf host somewhere just to try it.
  5. Marcin R.

    Marcin R. Connected Client Member

    I just verified that the router can route 1 gigabit without NAT from WAN to LAN, so it's probably beyond its limits to actually route the full gigabit while rewriting packets. The AC-3200 has now become a really overpowered wifi access point, still running Tomato.
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  6. M_ars

    M_ars Network Guru Member

    What ubiquiti router did you buy?
  7. Marcin R.

    Marcin R. Connected Client Member

    The EdgeRouter 4P. It was less expensive than that Asus, but it's just a router, nothing else, no WiFi. It was quite annoying to configure because Ubiquiti's UI's are far from intuitive. On the upside, it's capable of routing a net of 4Gbps with NAT and 25 firewall rules present per their specs.
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  8. ruggerof

    ruggerof Network Guru Member

    I also did not want let "Tomato" go as it had been my trusty router for more than a decade, but things evolve.

    I am now using my AC68U and R7000 with Toastman Tomato as AP only. For router and firewall I now use a Qotom Q355G4 running pfSense and Untangle via ESXi without any regret. And I am not with fiber yet (perhaps next year)

    With a fiber 1Gbps UP/Down I would not even consider any router running Tomato, it is just not powerful enough
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