Cannot browse HTTPS with RV082

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jimbobmcgee, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. jimbobmcgee

    jimbobmcgee LI Guru Member

    Apologies if this has been covered before -- please post a link, if so.

    I have recently bought two RV082 routers, and configured them a two different sites, using the same settings (bar the LAN IP/WAN IP/Gateway obviously). They are also configured to establish a G2G VPN to each other.

    This all works fine except for, at Site 2, none of my LAN clients can browse to any HTTPS site. I do not have this problem at Site 1 (where I am located) but have verified the existence of the issue at Site 2. I have no additional firewall rules, besides the factory installed ones (all LAN traffic out, no WAN traffic in).

    Has anyone come across/fixed this problem before?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    does site 2 have dual wan?
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Anything goofy on the lan side at site 2 i.e. internal proxy, DNS or anything else that might hose up the secure traffic?
  4. jimbobmcgee

    jimbobmcgee LI Guru Member

    No dual WAN, just using WAN1. I do have an empty plug in the WAN2 port, so no-one tries to use it, but it is an empty plug (no cable).
    DNS managed by a Win2003 server on LAN side, with forwarders to the servers proffered by the ISP. Same setup at Site 1 (I think). If not the router, where could I check the DNS?

    Unsure about the ISP; just trying to rule out the router before I approach them.

  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I guess the easiest way to check DNS is to input the DNS server ip's on one of the host and see if it works. Though if it is the router causing the problem it still wont work. The ideal thing to do is to swap routers, if the problem follows the router you know what the issue is if it does not then its something else and your moving in the right direction. 2nd to that is swap out the router for anything else to test throughput and ssl traffic.
  6. jimbobmcgee

    jimbobmcgee LI Guru Member

    I can ping a web server by address, regardless of whether it serves HTTP or HTTPS, so I guess DNS is working...

    Ideal, but not immediately feasible due to my location and a lack of decent IT support at Site 2. And I can't justify the downtime at Site 1 for the swap, nor can I justify getting another £180 RV082 just to see if the first one is working.

    What is the issue with dual-WAN, out of interest? If that is fixable, maybe I can apply the same here? It just seems like the problem is too similar to be a coincidence.

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if dual wan is enabled with load balancing you have to bind the HTTPS protocol to WAN or the other since HTTPS needs a fixed IP address from the client .
  8. jimbobmcgee

    jimbobmcgee LI Guru Member

    Without my sounding dense, how would I go about that?
    Do you mean, via Firewall > Access Rules, setting up a rule like the following:
    • Action: Allow
    • Service: HTTPS (443)
    • Source Interface: LAN
    • Source IP: Any
    • Destination IP: Any
  9. jimbobmcgee

    jimbobmcgee LI Guru Member

    OK, I think I've fixed it.
    Turns out the Dual-WAN issue occurs, regardless of whether a cable in the second WAN port actually goes anywhere. I got someone to take out the empty plug and it seemed to work fine.

    Funny; I'd have thought that Dual-WAN would only be active if both ports had a connection/link. Oh well.

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