Cannot Connect to TS within office

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by spdas, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. spdas

    spdas Addicted to LI Member

    Aloha all. From the office I cannot connect to the server via Terminal services on the desk behind me, but people can log on from remote site/computer at their home or office. I can connect for 2 -3 seconds then I get knocked off. DSL person says it is a router conflict.

    So to clarify I am trying to go to the internet and come back in to the server through the same router.

    BTW I have a wired BEFSR41 V2 with 2002 firmware

    Any Suggestions?
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    This sounds like a problem with "WAN IP local nat loopback", or as Linksys refer to it in their firmwares "Filter Internet nat redirection", not sure the old router supported that. Can't you just use the local LAN IP of the machine to connect?
  3. spdas

    spdas Addicted to LI Member

    Aloha, I need to log in through Remote desktop even from my adjacent desk to get the Remote control tracking/shadowing of employees to help them solve a problem. Going directly on to the terminal server box I do not have this remote control function in TS2K.

    Is it a firmware issue? Mine seems old.
    I can buy a new router if that would possibly solve it,

    thanks for your help

  4. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    You need to enable nat loopback if you are trying to access your internal TS via it's external hostname, or setup a local DNS entry that points to the private IP.

    You could also try connecting to the TS via it's internal address, that way you ill bypass the nat function all together.
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