Cannot get the Linksys CIT200 to work - please help!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pedrogent, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. pedrogent

    pedrogent Guest


    I recently purchased a Linksys CIT200 to use with Skype. I just cannot get it to work no matter what I try. I have re-installed and updated sound card and USB drivers, re-installed Skype (version, re-installed XP, installed and tried different sound cards, tried different USB ports, fiddled with every possible setting known to man - and still it will not work. This is two weeks of solid testing and trying and reading and still nothing works. The thing is, I can get a £1 earbud and mic to work no probs at all, but the Linksys... not a chance.

    I've gone and searched the Skype Knowledgebase (nothing); I've logged onto their troubleshooter (nothing); I've searched the user guides (nothing); I submitted a support request a week ago (no reply); I've searched these and Skype's forums (nothing).

    I'm using Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates and hotfixes. I have an 8 M broadband connection. I use a Linksys WRT 54GC broadband router. I only have the Windows firewall. The headset that works (the crappy earbud and mic) is a Skype promo I got given at uni recently.

    OK, so there's the background. When I press the Skype button on my Linksys CIT200 phone my contacts show up. I select echo123 and it dials, then as soon as it connects the Linksys phone stops working and the audio is re-routed through my headphones. Why? Please, someone help me here...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Have a look at the Skype settings (Tools --> Options --> Sound Devices, within Skype).

    Make sure that, among all the possible sound devices you may have, the CIT200 is selected both for "input" and "output". Unless you want to do something weird like listening through your 5.1 speaker system and talking through the CIT200.

    I assume you knew about this, but since you didn't mention... :(

    The CIT200 behaves just a USB sound device with a couple of extra options, that's all. Let us know.
  3. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    Can you play music and record your own voice using the Linksys CIT200? If you can, then the CIT200 has properly been installed on your system. Then, the issue seems to be relating to setup on Skype to use the CIT200 as the audio device.
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