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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by badassz34, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Hello all. I have an issue with my slug that has me fearing for my data. This past week I could not connect to my slug for unknown reasons. I tried to power down/wait/up and then nothing, so I reset it with the button on the back. When I did that I had to go back thru the setup and, shreik, it appeared all my data was lost. I could log in to the admin page, but when I browsed the disk there was nothing, I mean NOTHING showing, nor was anything there when I accessed from 'my network places' in xp. It made me sick. Fast forward a few days to today. I go online and search out different data recovery methods for the ext3 file system, decide on one and download. I was gonna use the wife's pc because she has more hdd to store the recovered data to. On a whim i go to the slug and BAM, there's all my data, out of nowhere just came back. WTF? But then I think OK, I"M COOL. Yeah, there I go thinking again. It's doing it to me again. Just like before, it now will not accept my password, won't accept hers, won't accept the admin pword either. WTF? Is my slug dying on me, or is something corrupt in the firmware? It's been on the OEM firmware, v23r63? since many months ago with no problems. I have violated rule #1 because I don't have a backup for all the data on hte disk, but I have almost accepted the loss. My question is do I need to take the slug to the gun range and put it out of it's misery or should I reset again and update to the latest 'beta' FW? Also, why is this happening all of a sudden?

    Ok, so I discovered that when it does this i can login after reset and run scandisk from the web interface. After that, all is good. I decided that perhaps it was from flaky power coming in on the mains. I put it on a UPS after the last round of issues, and since have had no problems at all. This also seems to have cured similar reliability problems with my other networking hardware. Yay, Beer!!! :p
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    I would transfer the data off of this drive and then reformat it with the slug. Setting up the accounts and shares again. Then transferring the data back again over the network.

    All of the user accounting information is on this Hard Drive in partitions. If these partitions or files get corrupt, you will have to be really good to rebuild everything again. Transferring takes time but is very easy.

    Also since this is a EXT3 partitioned drive, EXT3 can be seen by any Linux OS.

    You can use a Live Linux USB Flash drive to boot into your choice of Linux and most if not all Linux's these days will also let you see any NTFS drives attached to this same computer. If needed you can download the software for NTFS while in your Linux.

    You should then be able to ((fix the problem) not) or to copy the files over to one of your NTFS drives with space available. And later back thou the network. Again safe but slow... Sorry.

    Good Luck!
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