Cannot ping other PCs on network

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jason305, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. jason305

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    I realize this should be amanzing basic, but I'm pulling up blanks. I've got two PCs with WMP54GS cards in them running XP Home. My router is a WRT54GS. I cannot ping between systems, however I can ping the router from both.

    DHCP is enabled, system IPs are and .106/24. They have both been assigned the proper gateway .1.

    Windows Firewall has been disabled on both. One is running Norton Internet Security and that has been disabled.

    I have not yet introduced any security or MAC filtering. The SSID has been changed however. It is broadcasting.

    This should not be difficult, but I'm at a loss. What other things should I be looking for?

  2. jason305

    jason305 Network Guru Member


    So I've got more systems on the network. 6 in all. Win98/me/xp. All can see the Internet. Good connection speeds throughout. However, I also want to do basic peer-to-peer networking. At any one station, I may be able to ping 1 other at best. When browsing the workgroup, I will sometimes see 1 other PC.

    This should be basic. The routing table is the default. They are all on the same subnet. I could try hard coding IPs, but I don't see how that would make a difference.

    No one responded before. No one has any ideas?

    Since I am new to wireless, I'm guessing theres a basic step I'm missing. But I thought this stuff was fairly brainless.
  3. virgil

    virgil Network Guru Member

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