cannot see access point. perhaps not broadcasting?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jonathanR, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. jonathanR

    jonathanR Guest

    hi i have a wrt54g v4
    i tupdated to the hyperwrt with thibor c firmware. it claimed to be successful, but after i tried to change a couple settings ( namely, increase power output of antennas to 100%),
    the pages became corrupt.
    restarted a couple times to no avail, reset and changed firmware back to an updated original linksys firmware ( 4.30.5.. i previously had 4.20.7)

    now, i cannot pick up a signal at all....
    did i short out the antennas in some way?
    the LED on the router are all green, and the WLAN led is lit. the 4 port router is working, as well

    at no point did it flash red

    btw, i use linux on the laptop, and win 2000 on the desktop, ( which also has the dsl connection, via a usb modem)
    so i had to disable DHCP ( using ICS to share DSL connection) and changed the linksys address to

    it's a broadcom 4318, and to get WPA working, i was using wifi-radar and wpasupplicant.

    everything was goin fine, until i tried to update the firmware :-(
    now, whilst not a complete brick, i apparently disabled my wireless capabalities :-(

    anyone has any idea what is happening?
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