Cannot see all packets on Linksys HUB (EFAH05W)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by djinks, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. djinks

    djinks Network Guru Member

    I'm trying to monitor a small network and purchased a Linksys EFAH05W 5-port hub because I understand hubs show all packets to each port. I placed the hub between our T1 line (Addtran router with a single connection port) and the two small switches that aggregate the internet traffic. Besides the switches, I have connected one PC to the hub directly and installed packet sniffer and traffic graphing software on it. The packet sniffer software is only displaying traffic to or from PC plus broadcast and packets. I know I have one computer behind a switch that is generating 20kbps of internet traffic, but I do not see them. I have two questions:

    1. Does the hub actually pass all the packets to all ports? If not are there any inexpensive devices that can do that?

    2. I disabled the firewall on the direct connected PC. Packet filtering is also off on the LAN connection properties on that PC. Are ther any other options I need to disable?

    Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated very much.

  2. CrashX

    CrashX Network Guru Member

    I'd be interested in hearing how you made out with the above problem. Did you find a solution using Linksys equipment?
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