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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by techmanblues, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    I have a Windows XP Pro machine and a Windows Server 2003 machine that I cannot use to connect out to another XP Pro machine via Remote Desktop. Both these two machines are behind a WRT54G router. However, when I bypass the router and connect directly to the DSL modem, it's fine. So it's the WRT54G somehow blocks outgoing RD sessions. Interestingly, I can get incoming RD sessions to the same machines, machines that cannot get out as stated previously. What is going on? :?:
  2. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    I think you have to use port forwarding and forward the remote desktop ports to the win2k3 server. I believe it is port 3389.
  3. techmanblues

    techmanblues Network Guru Member

    I did. That's how I can do remote administration of the server from the outside. But sometimes I need to connect from my local network to an outside XP Pro machine. So far, that is not possible. Weird thing is I have done this many times before without problem. I have the latest firmware.

    Update: Nevermind. It works now. Weird! All I did was connect to the router, change the port forward at 3389 to use both tcp and udp. Then it works. But it still works when I revert it back to tcp. Basically, the router now has the exact setting as when I had the problem. I guess this problem would qualify as a hiccup.

    Incidentally, through what port does the outgoing RD session run? Is it port 80? I know that when it arrives at the destination machine, it knocks on port 3389 door by default, but what happens to the data stream that comes back to the machine that initiated the session? Does it use port 80? It has to be because I have configured any incomming RD request to be forwarded to the Server 2003 machine. I use my XP Pro machine in the local network to manage other remote machines. I do not use the Server 2003 one to initiate any RD, but I manage it from afar via RD. That is why any unsolicited incoming RD session is forwarded to the Server 2003 machine at port 3389.
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