can't access internet on one wireless computer

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cricket06, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. cricket06

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    Everything was fine until we changed from dsl to comcast cable, then i had to put the wireless-g router on my "main" computer. The main computer works fine, and the wireless laptop works fine, but the other wireless desktop, "wife" computer doesn't work and she's not happy!

    I've tried everything! Reinstalling drivers, reconfiguring wep, mac address, security, etc etc, until i'm so confused, it's a wonder I can type!

    Ok, I have a dell desktop that is the main computer where the comcast and router are connected. The wifes computer is a home made job, with a linksys speedbooster wireless card and the laptop is a dell with wifi card. Like I said, the main and laptop work, but not the wifes.

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to get this working again? I can start from the beginning, unplugging everything, if that's necessary. Again, I have changed so much stuff now and have so many pieces of papers with wep address and names on them, i'm not sure which is which..

    Thanks for your help.

  2. cricket06

    cricket06 LI Guru Member

    found the answer!!!!!


    Ok, i have been reading all this stuff about the networking and wireless blah blah blah..and I ran across something that said, "have you checked to see if your ethernet has a ? in the device manager?" I went there and yes, it did have a ?. But, I couldn't update the driver since I couldn't get onto the internet, so I thought that I'd do a system restore, from 2 weeks ago, just to be safe.

    So, I wait patiently and it restores and low and behold! It still didn't work!!!!:mad:

    So, I thought, well, I might as well just disable that stupid ethernet thing anyway, just to see what happens and guess what???? IT WORKS NOW!!!!:eek:

    I guess that the ethernet card and the wireless card were fighting with each other and when I disabled the ethernet card, it was able to get to the wireless card!

    Yippiee!!! I love it when I can figure something out...of course, with help from all the advice from the boards I jump onto, this one included.

    Just wanted to post a "fix" for this problem, in case anyone else runs into it.

    cricket06 wife will be so happy! and that makes ME happy! LOL:thumbup:
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