cant access network after installing vpn

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dareino, Aug 31, 2014.

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    I have been using tomato fw for quite awhile now. Using a Asus RT-N16.
    I recently added thru my usenet provider , VPN access. Everything was humming along for a couple of days. I came here to get some answers on vpn when I saw a new update for my router. Installed it, 7506-3 std. Again all was running fine..Last nite while on VPN and playing BF4, my screen went blank.Thought my pc overheated but then Win7 screen came back up. Couldnt access internet. Tried logging into router, couldnt. All lights on router and cable modem fine. I am using dhcp server so I read about the ip conflict. So i changed my nic to static. Was able to log into router...DHCP server was still checked. Still couldnt access internet. If I revert my nic to static, I can access internet but not router? I rebooted modem,router pc...I dual boot w/Linux and same issue there...Wireless access is dead...?? I uninstalled the VPN sw but still same issue. I set my router to static ip's but I cant figure out where the issue is. Did I corrupt the nvram somehow? I reflashed/clear nvram to the previous fw 7505 but issues are still present. Right now my router is no longer in the loop....
    I am lost here.....

    ***edit*** ok I ended just resetting the router and took Toastmans advice and set up my network on static ip's...
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