cant connect to wrt54g v2.0 after flash with Satori 4.0

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by plork, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. plork

    plork Guest

    I could not found any reference to my problem, so i hope that anyone can help me.

    I just flashed my accesspoint with satori 4.0 and.. no problem et all. Everything worked just fine. After a few minuts I disconected the power cable to move the accesspoint and after that it was no longer possible to access the access-point (, not with a cable and from the wireless-perspective it doesn't excist anymore...

    I have the following question.... can anyone tell me what to do so that i can run around with my portable again?! I m not i wizz kid... so simple suggestions are more than welcome!

    Thanks allready for your response!
  2. tzar

    tzar Network Guru Member

    go to my network connections in control panel, right click on the device you are using to connect to the router, click on the TCP/IP then click properties, and select manual instead of manually getting the ip.
    set the ip to, the subnet mask should be and leave the gateway 0 for now.

    now try getting into the router, you need to reflash it and when you do so in the flash screen select " reset to factory defualts after flash" ofcourse you will have to reinput all the info again - but it should work fine afterwards.

    hope that helps ( helped me with talisman)
    take care
  3. Dutch_Master

    Dutch_Master Network Guru Member

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