Can't connect to Xbox Live unless I force a 'Connection Test' each time

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by totalpardo, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    I have searched for this issue elsewhere to no avail. All I did find was the same reference with a few similar responses on the team xbox forums.

    Hopefully someone here has seen this and has some ideas on how to resolve.

    My setup is:

    WRT54g v.1.1 flashed successfully to latest Tomato firmware. Wired PC, wireless MBP, wired Xbox360. All worked without issue before flashing. All work now except:

    The 360 cannot connect to Xbox Live unless I force a "Test Connection to Xbox Live". It goes through a process of verifying IP address, DNS, NAT, etc. Once this is done, the 360 is able to get onto the Internet and everything works fine (ports are forwarded and the 360 detects it as 'Open' NAT, aka none).

    The 360 is set static and wired. The correct ports are forwarded. (Same as they were with the Linksys software.) I have the 360's IP in the DMZ (and have tried it with out it in the DMZ).

    Anyone seen this issue or have any ideas on how to resolve?

    Thanks all in advance.
  2. gfeiner

    gfeiner Guest

    I'm using Tomato v1.21 on a WRT54g v1.1 with a wired xbox360 and the IP statically set and I'm not having any problems with Xbox live. Are you manually forwarding the ports or using UPnP? I'm manually forwarding the ports and I have UPnP disabled.
    These are the ports I'm forwarding: port 88 (UDP) and port 3074 (tcp and UDP).

    If you don't rely on UPnP for anything else, try disabling it.
  3. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    thanks for the reply.

    UPnP was never enabled to begin with - I discovered issues with UPnP a long time ago in relation to ICMP failing when testing the connection.

    The ports you mentioned are already manually forwarded and the correct protocols were used.

    Would you mind taking a screen shot to me of your tomato setup page that shows the forwarding? maybe something else is wrong.

    Sorry i did not mention these details before (I know better).

    johnny at totalpardo dot net is my email.

    thanks again!
  4. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    I had problems with Xbox Live and Tomato until I enabled UPNP in Tomato. Now Live works perfectly.
  5. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    were the problems you had the same problem i discussed above? or where they different issues?

    i enabled upnp - same result. no connection to xbox live until after the connection test is run.

    i disabled upnp - since, with it enabled, there were icmp issues.

    i tested the 360 without the router involved, all was fine.

    a work around i found was to shut off auto login, start the 360, select the live account i want to log into, and all is well...UPDATE:not so much. this is invalid, i still need to rerun the connection test every time.

    still it is disturbing since all worked well before the install of tomato.
  6. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    I'm using the lastest Tomato Mod 1.21.8005 and I don't have any problems with XBOX Live. I have the DSL Modem connected to the Router (Main) and a 2nd Router (2nd) connected via WDS.... I have one XBOX 360 connected to the Main Router and a 2nd XBOX 360 connected to the 2nd Router. I did have a problem with the NAT not showing as open until I enabled uPnP and now I have zero problems.

    Did you clear your NVRAM after you upgraded to Tomato. This can cause problems because settings are different with the new firmware and cause conflicts. Its located under Admintration/Configuration/Restore Default Configuration.

    I also wonder what device is handling your internet connection. Your Cable/DSL Modem (or any other type of modem you use with your ISP) or the Router. Most Cable/DSL Modems can act as a router themselfs, so they may store you logon info directly to your router. Then it passes an 192.168.x.x IP to your Router. Since Linksys isn't connected directly to the internet and it has to pass through the Modem you end up having connection problems with programs. Goto the Overview page and see if your WAN IP is listed as 192.168.x.x. If so I would recommend pressing the reset button on the back of the Modem to clear its settings. Then select the Basic/Network page in Tomato and enter your ISP settings into the WAN/Internet section.
  7. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    this is not the configuration i am using. i have a single cable modem attached to a single linksys wrt54g v1.1 router flashed to the latest tomato build connected to a single 360. (Same as you defined above.) You are using DSL - is that PPPoe? If it is, there is a huge difference in the way the protocols are being passed.

    yes, i cleared the nvram, i have reset the cable modem, etc. to clarify since i did not mention this in earlier posts, my experience level is fairly high in troubleshooting and network administration. so the basic things, like those, can be assumed completed (however, you'd be suprised what a seasoned vet can forget to do in his/her troubleshooting path, so thank you for bringing it up - if for anything, it may help the less experienced person who references this post.)

    as i said above, that is not the situation here. cable modem (handling the internet connection) --->wrt54g --->360 :all wired with CAT6 :all working before flashing to tomato :works direct without the router involved as well. my login info does not need to be stored.

    the problem seems fairly simple, and more irritating that anything else. fire up the xbox and it will not connect to live. run the connection test, all tests complete without issue, kick off my profile and log in to live without a problem.

    that is with the config above - and latest tomato.

    without that router in the mix - absolutely no issue - auto login, no test needs to be run.

    the issue is in the firmware or, most likely, the settings. further research this evening has generated people with the issue posting on other gaming boards, but not any responses that lead down the path to figuring it out. your questions are good ones - but they are more about the config over all - my thinking is that i am missing a setting or something.

    my hope is someone who has seen this exact issue will chime in.

    thanks for your efforts amy.
  8. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Network Guru Member

    yw... wasn't sure how knowledgeable you were... and I did know your configuration is different from mine... I was just stating what my configuration was... anyways it seems odd that alot of us are working fine and your not.... have you tried reflashing the firmware to be sure it isn't a bad flash... also I don't know if your running Tomato or Tomato Mod... perhaps try switching to the other verison of Tomato from the current one your using.. maybe something was broke in the one version and is working fine in the other... and again (which you probly already know but stating for others) clear the NVRAM when switching from Tomato to Tomato Mod or Tomato Mod to Tomato..

    oh btw... the Main router we use is a WRT54G v1.1 and the 2nd router is a WRT54GL v1.1... so I am using the same model router as you for my main router...
  9. nlyonssmith

    nlyonssmith Addicted to LI Member

    I am having some issues connecting to xbox live as well, although I think they may just be connection issues.

    It seems to me that if I have trouble streaming music from a laptop to my 360 (music cuts in and out) then I should try to fix that stuff first before worrying about staying connected to xbox live. That make sense?
  10. leesiulung

    leesiulung LI Guru Member

    That is what I did with mine and it fixed the "I have to run the connection test every time issue". I'm on a firmware 1.13.

    My setup is two Tomato flashed routers. One connected to cable modem and the other is connected to 360 on a wireless ethernet bridge mode.

    I'm afraid to upgrade my firmware because of this issue...
  11. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    I've been running Tomato versions since 1.17, and I've never had a problem with Xbox Live as long as I've had UPNP service turned on.
  12. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    The only thing I can think of is to try to enable DHCP and see if that solves the problem. If it does, you can use static DHCP in Tomato to give the XBox the same IP always.

    FYI, my XBox is configured to obtain the IP automatically, and my Tomato router is UPnP enabled.
  13. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    FWIW, I've always used static DHCP for all my network hosts.
  14. jvro

    jvro Addicted to LI Member


    To me it seems that if you enable DHCP and makes your Xbox get an IP that way (you can always pre-decide which IP it gets delt in Tomato anyway) you don't have have that issue anymore.

    The above combined with activation uPnP fixed the problem for me (not sure if the uPnP is nessesary though but was for me because of my provider and me being able to get "open" access to live).

    I was experiencing the exact same problem as described in this thread and the above fixed (as well as for a friend of mine)

    Seems to me that this could be related to the xbox firmware and that when it's set to DHCP it does "more" than when it's configured with a static ip.

    Hope this help :wink:

  15. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    you sir, are a madman genius.

    the dhcp set works like a charm.

    thank you all!
  16. azvargas

    azvargas Guest

    I'm having the same issue, but I'm running DD-WRT (maybe I'm in the wrong area). I'm not sure I understand how you can do port forwarding without having a static IP. Please help.
  17. totalpardo

    totalpardo Addicted to LI Member

    force the mac address of the 360 to a static IP.

    port forward to that same IP.

    not sure where it is done in DD-WRT but their community is robust and there are lots of folks who can assist.
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