Can't cure network dropping issues...tried just about everything

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rpeters83, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

    I live in a townhome with plaster/concrete walls. I work from home on a laptop with a broadcom 54g card. My router is a WRT54G v2 with latest Thibor firmware. It has two linksys 7dbi antennas at different angles.

    My router is in the next room over about 5.5 feet off the ground. the router and myself are on the top floor.

    Every so often, maybe 2-5 times a day, I will be browsing (i do web development) and suddenly i can no longer. My connection speed drops from 54 to 36, to 24, to 11, to 5, and to 1 mbps, still cant even get to the router page to desperately try to change the channel before it cuts me off completely. when it is acting normal, the signal is strong and very fast (even 2 floors down in a corner i'm still at 54 mbps)

    usually, i have no luck and eventually it drops my signal. i usually keep a cheap laptop plugged in directly to the router in the other room in case i need to change the channel. I can be jumping from 1, 6, 11, and all in between and eventually I still loose connection at some point. Sometimes i cant even connect on ANY channel.

    i do have a wireless phone but it's a 5.8 ghz. i have no other wireless devices in the house aside from a few cell phones. my microwave is downstairs and there are no other electronics on in the other room with the router. the door is open. i'm literally maybe 25 feet from it. i cranked my mW up to around 80. lowered my beacon to 50 and lowered my RTS and fragmentation to 2304.

    my only guess is someone has a 2.4 ghz phone somewhere, but i dont see how something like that can be KILLING my wifi this badly.

    please help. i'm desperate because i make a living off of making sure i'm connected so i can get my work done. thanks!
  2. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    also, i tried using the native broadcom difference at all. and it's not just my machine, all our laptops and wireless desktops drop wifi signal.
  3. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    sorry, more thoughts. i read somewhere that i can use version 3 software on a version 2 router? is this true? would it be worth the shot? thanks
  4. coxhaus

    coxhaus LI Guru Member

    When you lose your wireless connection does the one on copper still work? The other thing to check is your DHCP client list. Are there any foreign computers or devices connected? You did not mention security. These are the first things I check. You need to isolate where the problem exist, at the front door of the router, in the network, in the wireless. Hope this helps.
  5. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    no, the one on copper does not loose connection, which is why i keep the other lappy connected in the same room as the router so that i can change channels if i get dropped.

    there are no foreign machines connected and im not using security, only a MAC filter.
  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Couple things come to mind, it could still be a neighbor depending on how close one could be. Could also be heat related, could try backing down the output power a bit and see what happens. Also i would see if a wireless laptop right next to the device has the same issue at the same time you do. If so then its something with the hardware and probably not interference. Again maybe heat if this is the case. As the last poster stated, problem isolation is the key right now, once that is resolved you can better figure out whats causing it.
  7. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    My fiance's laptop is in the same room as the router. All the computers (laptops or wireless desktops) go down when this happens. it's not just my machine.

    however, in some cases, mine may drop because it's farther away, but hers (again, in the same room as the router only a few feet away) she may still be connected but with very low signal.

    so yes, it does occur all at once and not isolated wifi clients.

    i should also mention that a year ago i purchased a d-link router to try and fix the issue and it did the same thing.

    the router does not really get warm. i also have it elevated so air can pass along the bottom.

    any other ideas? :(
  8. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    D-link unfortunately is known for that, i have had several of the same issues with D-link myself. When i talk about heat i am not talking about the unit as a whole, granted when the entire unit is overly hot that is an easy one. Hot components can cause strange issues just like you are seeing. Hot ram will cause lockups and blue screens (windows), hence the need now adays for fans on video ram for instance. Hot transmitter chips can as well cause strange freak out situations. Again try turning down the output power, way down if need be to test heat related issues. If it still has issues then its probably not heat related and you can look elsewhere. Good luck and let us know.
  9. rpeters83

    rpeters83 Network Guru Member

    Thanks. I turned down the transmit power from 80 mw to around 27 mw. I'm still getting the same signal strength and everything.

    i also set it to G-only.'s not just a windows thing. I recently converted a wireless laptop (which had a B-client, before i switched to G-only) to ubuntu linux and it had the same issues as the windows machines.

    Do VERSION 2 routers have issues like this? do i need to upgrade to a version 4? i kow versions 5 and up are not WRT54GL, so i'm avoiding those.
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