Can't get MAC/IP BW Limiter to work on WRT54G v1.1 with Tomato RAF 1.25.8025.2

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bubuntu, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. bubuntu

    bubuntu Serious Server Member

    I have Tomato RAF 1.25.8025.2 loaded on a WRT54G v1.1 but I can't seem to get the MAC/IP BW Limiter to work. The GUI page looks fine and it lets me enter and save settings but the BW just doesn't get limited. Here are the settings which according to my understanding of Victek explanation this should be working.
    Download Bandwidth kbit/s 12000
    Upload Bandwidth kbit/s 5000
    TC Tag IP Address DLRate DLCeil ULRate ULCeil Priority TCP Limit UDP Limit
    10 550kbps 1000kbps 2000kbps 4000kbps Normal nolimit nolimit

    Any Ideas? Has anyone successfully tried this combo of firmware and router before?
    It may or may not be related but I can't get static DHCP to work either.

  2. bubuntu

    bubuntu Serious Server Member

    Well nobody interested? Well I'll leave the solution anyway.

    :oops:It's embarrassing to admit but I needed to do a 30-30-30 reset on the modem. I saw that in several places but didn't believe it. I promise to pay attention from now on.
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