Cant get the cable modem to let my router hookup

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jlmartinjr, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. jlmartinjr

    jlmartinjr Network Guru Member

    I have recently moved from one location to another, I am using charter cable modem, I can connect with my computer connected directly to the cable modem but if I try and use one of several routers... (WRV54G, BEFV41, and a Siemens) the router does not seem to be getting the ip info that it needs to be about to let me go thru the router then to the internet. I have tried all kinds of combinations, please please, and suggestions....... I have verified that the routers seem to be working at other locations....
  2. stoic-one

    stoic-one Network Guru Member

    Have you tried cloning the MAC address of the machine that does work when connected to the router directly?? Most cable modem based services use the MAC ID to determine if you are the registered user of thier services....
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Aaaah, my father had the "exact" problem with his WRV54G earlier this year. If you're using charter, then they probably have a bunch of those "Wal-Mart" special splitters running throughout your house. Splitters work just like hubs; the more crap you have on them (i.e., mulitipe jacks), the less bandwith available for your high speed connection. I'm guessing your modem connection is probably plugged into a 3 or 4 way splitter. It's fine with the computer, but when you connect the router to the modem, there's not enough bandwith (drove me crazy for about 24hrs till I called a technician out).

    The solution my dad had to go with was to have charter call an outsourced technician to come out and run a brand new line directly to the cable modem. Once he did this, he was getting the full bandwith. He bought his house in'94, and of course, digital internet wasn't even a consideration back then...

    The charter guy they'll send initially will most likely start outside on the side of the house and test the voltage of the external splitter first (this is where they lay the bullshit on you). It's hard to get the charter technicians to actually do the dirty work of running the line so you may get an outsourced contractor to come by and do it also.

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