can't get wet54gs5 to connect to wrv54g...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hi all, i am in real need of help. a few weeks ago i bought a wet54gs5 to bridge a few devices to my wireless network. my router is a wrv54g (wireless vpn router with switch). the thing works great... no problems ever with it, nor the many other linksys products i have bought and configured without incident.

    so i buy the bridge to connect a media streamer (el gato "eye home") and my xbox from downstairs. open up the box to configure it, installation cd says you need windows (i use macs, but have virtual pc with windows 2000 on them). so i open up virtual pc and start windows. run the install cd and the installation program says it cannot find the bridge (which is wired into my wrv54g router currently). try a million ways to get the setup program to find it but it never can. so i open up the browser and browse to the static ip of the bridge (, get the admin console and login.

    so now i am logged into the admin console via a browser and can do this from any computer on my network. configure the wireless settings and unplug the ethernet connection to see if it is connected and i can browse to the bridge. doesn't work. so i reconnect ethernet and go back to the admin console, check for a firmware update, get it, install it and re-run everything i just did. doesn't work.

    at this point i have both the router and the bridge set to near factory defaults and am trying to get the damn bridge to work under any scenario and i can't. no matter what i do, i can only browse to the bridge's admin console if it is wired. i have checked settings a zillion times and everything should work, but every time i unplug the ethernet the bridge's console is unreachable.

    any help would be really, really appreciated. i am close to throwing the thing into the street!

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Try to power cycle the WET54GS5 after you configured it. You did a site survey when you configured it?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    at this point it has been power cycled a few dozen times and i have done numerous site surveys and selected my router/access point for connection. when i look at the authentication log it even says that it connected, but if i then try to disconnect the ethernet connection from the bridge i can't browse to the admin console.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    try using your routers ip address as the DNS server and setting the rest up in a static IP including computers on the bridge, that is what I got to do tonight... damn thing annoys me but I can not figure out how to get it to work
  5. RAD_MAN

    RAD_MAN Network Guru Member

    the problem isn't with the wet45gs5, it is with the router, i bet if you took that bridge to somewhere that had any other access point (non wrv54g) it would work perfectly (you might have to reset it). but anyway, what firmware revision do you have on that router? need that info first.

  6. jknox

    jknox Network Guru Member

    Does your SSID or WPA shared key have any spaces or quotation marks? If they do, remove them. Then try it again. My SSID was, “VERY IMPORTANT-EVERY ONE USE WPAâ€. My log stated, “Couldn't find Authenticator SSID:VERYâ€. I replaced the spaces so it read, “VERY-IMPORTANT-EVERYONE-USE-WPAâ€. It worked. The same thing happed when using quotation marks in my WPA shared key.

    I hope this helps you.

    Good Luck
  7. RAD_MAN

    RAD_MAN Network Guru Member

    if you are using the newest firmware on linksys website the wet54gs5 and the wrv54g won't work together. download the 2.38.6 version firmware for the WRV54G from the download section on and install it, that should fix your issue.
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