Can't get wpa workin. Help needed please.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by nanoone, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. nanoone

    nanoone Network Guru Member

    Hi there. I can't seem to get wpa working with my linksys wrt54g and my Zyxel 660 hw 61 wireless router. I can manage to get wep 64/128 working fine over the wireless network but wpa will not work. Also I am not able to log onto my wrt54g's web console over my wireless netwok using Here is a brief outline of my config;

    Zyxel router set to and ip

    Linksys wrt54g set to and ip (also used for ip of associating ap)

    Linksys wrt54g set to client mode

    wirless channel is on 13 for both devices (had it on 11 before)

    ssis is not hidden for both devices

    Firmware Version: Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv

    I am running windows xp with all the latest patches.

    Thank's for anyone that can help me set up wpa and also help me access my
    Linksys wrt54g web console over my wireless network.

  2. nanoone

    nanoone Network Guru Member

    Hi there. I have now got wpa working now. The solution was to try an alternative piece of firmware. I was using "TinyPEAP_g_2.12.bin" previously, but this did not seem to work with wpa, no matter what I tried. I have now installed "ewrt-0.4.3.wrt54g.bin" and wpa is working flawlessly. I will try out wpa 2 later on and see if that also works. The only problem that I have now, is that I still cant access the webconsole of my wrt54g over the wirless newtwork. If anyone could help me out and get it working that would be great. Thank's for any help with this.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I know on some of the firmwares you have to tell the unit to allow wireless connection to the console. I am not sure if your version of code is like that but its worth a look.
  4. nanoone

    nanoone Network Guru Member

    Thank's very much for your reply ifican. I did not know of this feature that you mentioned. I will try and see if I can set if up and maybe I can get it all working. Thank's once again.
  5. nanoone

    nanoone Network Guru Member

    I checked in the web console for my Linksys and access to the web console was enabled. I have also set up a nat port forwarding rule for on my Zyxel router. I can access my wirless network fine and I am using wpa encryption with no problems. So I am an able to work out why I cannot access my Linksys web console wirlessly. Thank's again if anyone can help me resolve this dilemma.
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