Can't ping others on network

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by polakatl, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

    I have a total of 4 compputers in my home network. 2 wireless and 2 wired.

    My computer is wired and I'm having a problem pinging other computers. I get a reply from the router (WRT54G- tofu10) but not from other computers.

    I think this is the couse of slow network speeds as well. My computer hosts most the files and it can only transfer at 3% of 100mbit/s network speed. This is between the wired computers of course. It takes an hour to transfer a 800mb file.

    How do I properly set up a network and whats up with the ping issue and slow speeds.
  2. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

  3. OldeBill

    OldeBill Network Guru Member

    A couple of things that may assist in providing a meaningful reply.

    -Was it previously possible for you to get a reply when pinging the other machines? (Some OS' are setup to discard Pings by default.)
    -Why is this important?
    -What happens if you set up static addresses between two machines and do a transfer using a cross-over cable? That is, no switch in the middle? Is the transfer speed still lousy?
    -Or, what happens if there's only a wired client and the wired server on the switch (no other PCs and no Internet, maybe even temporarily turn off wireless)?
    -What are the NIC settings, Auto? 10Mbps half-duplex?
  4. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

    My main problem is the terrible transfer speeds. I don't have a crossover cable or the means to make one. The nics are set at force 100mbps full duplex.

    I will have to try it with wireless and internet off.

  5. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

    figured it out. it was my onboard nvidia ethernet adapter. I put in a Linksys PCI card and speeds are now 80% of maximum.
  6. OldeBill

    OldeBill Network Guru Member

    Alright! Happy pinging. :thumb:
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