Can't set QoS properly for P2P

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by adamd2s, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. adamd2s

    adamd2s Guest

    I have a WRT54GL with Tomato 1.11 firmware. I have trouble setting QoS for P2P. Internet connection is 10 down/1 up MBit/s cable. OS: Windows XP SP2

    The symptoms:

    Whenever I use P2P heavily, all other traffic slows to a crawl. I'm talking about 10-20 KB/s for HTTP or FTP traffic. Pings are in the 500-1000 range even for sites which normally ping 10ms.

    No problems reaching the router itself, which can be reached just as normal.

    QoS settings:
    Enable QoS: on
    Prioritize ACK: off
    Prioritize ICMP: on
    Strict Rule Ordering: on
    Reset Classification When Making Changes: on
    Default Class: lowest

    Outbound Rate / Limit:
    Max Bandwidth: 1000 kbit/s
    Highest: 90% - 100%
    High: 90% - 100%
    Medium: 3% - 100%
    Low: 3% - 100%
    Lowest: 3% - 80%

    Inbound limit:
    Max Bandwidth: 10000 kbit/s
    Highest/high: none
    Medium: 95%
    Low/Lowest: 90%

    Highest: DNS, SSH/HTTP to router
    High: HTTP(S)
    Lowest: uTorrent, Bulk traffic (ports 1024-65535)

    uTorrent settings:
    Port used for incoming connections: single port in 1024-65535 range
    Maximum upload rate: 80 KB/s
    Maximum download rate: none
    Maximum number of connections: 300
    Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 300
    Number of upload slots per torrent: 12

    Some stats:
    Number of connections is usually maxed out.
    Download speed is currently 220 KB/s (nowhere near maxed out), upload speed is 80 KB/s.
    Number of peers which uTorrent is actively downloading from concurrently: ~30
    Number of peers which uTorrent is actively uploading to concurrently: 24

    QoS graphs show:
    Connections distribution: unclassified 10%, lowest 80%, high: 7%
    Bandwidth distribution (outbound): lowest: 99%, high: practically zero

    ISP is known to throttle P2P traffic in the rush hours.
  2. pharma

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    Think you need to fool around with your uTorrent settings ... specifically lowering your maximum upload rate and maximum number of connected peers. Try lowering and see if it helps. You might also want to change the XP max number of connections allowed to account for P2p connections. (there was a thread about 2-3 weeks ago about setting this)

    I use BitSpirit/Vista 32-bit and have my max inbound connections per job set to 60, and the max outbound connections per job set to 60. I limit my upload speed to 40 kb/s. I can download multiple torrents at high speeds, surf the web, and listen to realplayer simultaneously without any negative effects.

    My Tomato QOS inbound are the default settings, and outbound classification are the default as well.

    If you do a forum search, you might find a few threads where P2P/QOS issues are discussed.

    You might want to check this one:

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