Cascading WRT54g and WAG54g - wired ok, wifi ko

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by elgato, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. elgato

    elgato Network Guru Member


    I use a linksys wag54g (located on the first flour) to connect to internet, and to allow laptops to use the net.
    I have a wrt54g (located on the third flour) with one PC connected by wired to the router.
    I want to use the wrt54g as a repeater for the wag54 and the net.
    I made some test after reading the topic "cascading two WRT54" and it works without any problem when the wag and wrt are connected with a cable.
    But..... when I try to use wifi, I doesnt work.
    The laptops are seeing the wag AND the wrt, and are able to connect to one or the other. If I connect a laptop to the wag, It can access to the net.

    I tried :
    - same SSID
    - differents SSID
    - same channels
    - differents channel

    - there is no secutity, no firewall... nothing

    the WAG is, DHCP server, NAT activated....
    the WRT is, no DHCP server....

    I don't know what I can try or what I missed... please, Help !
  2. gheinonen

    gheinonen Guest

    Are you asking about using WDS?
  3. elgato

    elgato Network Guru Member

    no, because the WAG54v2 doesn't support the WDS functionnality .

    I just ask how to make a WRT and a WAG communicate wireless when they do it right wired...
  4. linksystechsupport

    linksystechsupport Network Guru Member

    In order to do that you have to make what is called STATIC ROUTING...
    I'm going to explain you how:

    Router No1
    1)Connect the modem into the INTERNET PORT
    2)Go to Advanced Routing
    3)Change the operating mode to ROUTER
    4)Type under DESTINTIO LAN IP:
    5)Subnet Mask
    6)Route Name: rt1
    7)Go to Wireless
    7)SSID: Router1
    8)Channel: 11

    Router No2
    1)Go to Advanced Routing
    2)Operation mode to ROUTER
    5)Default Gateway:
    6)Route Name: rt2
    7)Go to Wireless
    8)SSID: Router2
    8)Channel: 6
    9)Go to Setup
    10)IP Address:

    You dont have to disable the DHCP cause they are in different networks, and you dont have to use the same SSID and Channel or you are going to have interferece with your two wireless networks!!!
    Now you should have to routers connected wirelessly each other!!!

    Have a good day and thaks for calling linksys tech support...
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