Certain websites loading very slow via Wireless Router?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by DJ5A, May 3, 2006.

  1. DJ5A

    DJ5A Guest

    Hello Everybody:

    For some strange reason a few web sites & a forum that I visit a lot daily started loading the web pages very slow since day before yesterday.

    I thought at first it was my broadband cable modem connection, I checked with Speed Test this morning and it's upload & download speeds are fine. Other similar web sites are loading very fast as usual.

    If I go to work & use my much slower DSL Lite connection (1/6 my broadband speed) the pages I'm having problems with at home are loading very fast here at work.

    I feel like this is a isolated problem with my computer at home? I did not have enough time this morning or think of checking the other computers on my network at home to see if they were slow on the same web sites.

    When I get home this afternoon I will delete Cookies - Temporary Internet files, perform a disk clean up & clean my registry, hoping the problem might be there?

    On a side note, I did replace my Linksys Router with another Linksys WRT54GSv5 router Sunday & all pages were loading very fast until Monday afternoon.

    Does anybody have any other suggestions as to what I could check or do to correct this problem?

    PS: My first post, I hope I posted in correct forum. Sorry for the mile longer post.
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