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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by thoalex, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. thoalex

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    I have a WRT54GV2 (and an older WRT54G V1.0). At odd times, the wireless connection will completely drop out on a channel. If I go to the admin page and change to a different channel, it fixes it.

    This is very annoying and it's taken me a long time (over a year) to get this far in debugging this issue. It is NOT due to my cordless phone (don't have one). It's possible that it could be due to a neighbor's but I do live in a house and you'd think that would not be the case.

    What's ticking me off is that I change the channel and then a few days later it happens again and I have to change the channel *again* and so on and so on. How can I win this war?

  2. Toril

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    Are you doing anything weird? By "weird" I mean, anythiing outside the standard. Some manufacturers have hacks that give twice the bandwidth (you've seen it... DLinks 108 mbs wireless routers, etc) but sometimes the technology is disruptive. Channel bonding, compression, etc... somewhere I read that "Speedbooster" isn't supposed to be like that (afterburner, same thing??) but for the most part... perhaps one of your neighbors has a weird 2x protocol and it's being disruptive with your channel.

    I also read somewhere else, when configuring wifi networks in the same general area, you're supposed to gap the channels by 4 ... aka # 2 and 6, 10 etc... I'm thinking its some sort of interference. Track it with netstumbler, make sure it's not a faulty nic or something. I do have 2.4 ghz wireless phones and my wireless never interferes. And I do know none of my neighbors have wireless.
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    No, nothing weird. This is a brand new wrt54G that I got for Xmas to replace the V1.0 (because I thought it was the problem). It's right out of the box with the latest linksys firmware on it. I have 2 NICs, one is a Linksys G and the other is a Dell Truemobile Laptop (B). (Sorry don't have the model numbers). When it happens, it happens to both of them. No connection until I change the channel.

    There is another linksys router nearby, I can see it on occasion but it's very faint. I only see it on occasion.

    I've tried all kinds of channels. #3 gives me the best reception usually, then I'll jump up to #11. I've tried #1. Nothing works for more than a few days.

    I've run netstumbler when this happens and I get something really odd from it. It will see the channel, then there is a "break" when this occurs and then it sees the channel again. But as far as reestablishing connection, that doesn't happen.

    Oh, let me clarify, if I don't change the channel then it will see it again, but it takes a while. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours.
  4. Toxic

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