Cheap and reliable - connect to and share wireless ISP ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ar_mikeh, Jul 24, 2005.

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    I have wireless (2.4 GHz) ISP available where I live, and I have a clear line of sight to their antenna tower about 1 mile away. But I have DSL now and share that in my house with D-link DI-614+ (both wireless and wired ethernet) - looking to switch b/c it's unreliable (i'm about 16k feet from the central office).

    What is a low cost and reliable way to connect to and share the wireless ISP service ?

    From reading the forums, here's what I think will work, but want to make sure or find if there's a simpler/cheaper approach -

    - Wireless bridge/repeater with detachable antenna - need that to connect to the wireless ISP antenna - I am lucky that I can mount this inside my house and see their tower through a window - I think a WRT54G flashed appropriately will do the trick on this
    - 12-15 dBi patch panel antenna or cantenna or home-made, attached via a short cable, to the bridge/repeater
    - possibly wireless LAN cards for all PC's and laptops

    I think I have 2 basic options -
    (1) set the WRT54G to bridge mode - run RJ-45 from the bridge to the WAN port on my DI-614+, and let it share the service (like I do with my DSL now)
    (2) set the WRT54G to repeater mode - then use wireless LAN cards in my PC's and laptops to connect directly to the repeated wireless signal from the ISP (won't need the DI-614+ at all).

    It seems that (1) would be tougher on the install but cheaper compared to option (2). Are there pitfalls with either approach ? Is there another approach that might be even easier or cheaper ?

    Please advise by posting replies in this forum - TIA for your help!
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