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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by i0's, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    my xbox 360 is connected to the wrt54gl thru a ethernet cable. is there a way to monitor the speed at which the xbox 360 dowloads demos, trailer etc. and also monitor the speed during multiplayer?

  2. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    not possible?
  3. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    I dont think you can do that with hyperwrt.
  4. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    any other ways?
    does not necessarily has to be with hyperwrt.
  5. bwalsh

    bwalsh Network Guru Member

    Hyperwrt Thibor 15c has lan/wlan/wan stats in the web gui so there's "some place" where it's getting that info. You can make sure nothing else on your network is running, periodically refresh that web page and take the difference to get an approx throughput (minus the web traffic you generated). You can also try telneting into your router and check to see what cmds are available. I know "top" is there so there might be some type of iostat type command there as well. Not sure if there's an SNMP daemon but if there is, you might be able to collect usage stats from that (though it will likely only be an approx value of your xbox throughput). A sniffer of some sort might be a solution as well (for the most accurate info for io traffic from a single souce) but I don't have any real experience with them. Be warned though that sniffers are extremely technical.
  6. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    wow, thx for that explanation. but you lost me at the 3rd line. heheheh.
    but dont bother explain it caz, i was hoping for a simplier solution, that is too much work.
    But, I do appreciate the help.
  7. fareal

    fareal LI Guru Member

  8. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

  9. Int15

    Int15 Network Guru Member

    So is Tomato...

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