Chromecast on Guest Network (DLNA too?)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by antgiant, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. antgiant

    antgiant Reformed Router Member

    Short Version:
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone would create a plugin to allow SSDP broadcasts to be rebroadcast to all VLANS. (SSDP broadcasts are UDP packets sent to on port 1900) Since is a multicast address I cannot figure out a way to forward it across VLANS. I get the impression this would work to DLNA as well, but I have not confirmed)

    Much Longer Version:
    I recently got a Chromecast and want it to work on both my main home network and my guest network. For reference I am using Shibby's version of Tomato (Thank you Shibby's it is awesome!). I have two VLANS setup LAN (My primary network) x.x.a.0/24 and LAN1 (My Guest network) x.x.b.0/24. My Chromecast lives on the LAN VLAN and all devices there are working. However, it does not work at all on the guest network. I did a lot of Google research and network traces and as far as I can tell the Chromecast discovery process works as follows.
    Client device sends SSDP "discovery" request to port 1900
    Router broadcasts that request to all devices on the subnet
    Chromecast receives the broadcast and sends essentially a webpage redirect to the IP that sent the SSDP "Discovery" request
    Client and Chromecast carry on a fairly standard web browser/web server conversation on some odd ports (8008, 9080, etc)
    (Technically this process is DIAL http:/
    Everything after the broadcast can be done on the LAN Access page (it is just standard IP to IP access), and I have set that up. However, the SSDP "discovery" broadcast has me completely stumped, I cannot find any way in the interface to forward SSDP discovery requests on LAN1 to LAN, much less doing so while keeping the source address unmodified. This leads me to believe that someone needs to write a plugin to accomplish this. Unfortunately, that is beyond my current abilities. Is anyone willing to do this for me, and anyone else who might be interested? If so, thank you very much in advance.
  2. serendrewpity

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    Sorry, for reviving this thread, but I believe it to be as close to what I am trying to accomplish as anything I've read online so far.

    I'm working with a networked tv and roku device that Ive set up on a wifi network with subnet

    Everything else is on

    I want to be able to stream movies/videos from internet, PC and tablets to the networked tv, but streaming software does not see the DLNA renderers [TV & Roku] in order to establish a connection and start the streaming sesson. Unless, of course, they are on the same subnet. So this led me to believe the multicast packets are being filtered.

    I believe if I understood IPTables well enough I would be able to accomplish what I need. [allowing multicast/broadcasts packets (SSDP & DLNA) across subnets] But I haven't been able to implement the few suggestions I've been able to find on the internet and in this forum.

    So I am hoping someone can offer suggestions other than multi-honing the TV and Roku. Thanks in advance....
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