Cisco AnyConnect v2.2.0133 Released

Discussion in 'Other Cisco Equipment' started by Toxic, May 21, 2008.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Just thought I'd let you guys know there is a new Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for the ASA on the Cisco TAC Downloads.

    Caveats fixed:

    CSCsi12002 Certificate auth fails under MAC 10.4 with standalone client.

    CSCsi44920 Mac OS X and Linux clients may disconnect with an ASA Failover.

    CSCsi47777 SSLVPN: IOS: AnyConnect Connection Established msg even though it failed.

    CSCsi88191 Vpncli cert-only group select - client still prompts for user/pw.

    CSCsi89708 Difficult to cancel out at cert popup - click No - more popups.

    CSCsi94721 AnyConnect falsely displays hostname mismatch warning if fqdn exists.

    CSCsj16869 Cert Matching not working with multiple match criteria.

    CSCsj58515 AnyConnect bad profile or preferences not logged in event log.

    CSCsj59065 Connection attempt has failed - if ASA 'svc image' is missing or wrong.

    CSCsj62218 Anyconnect Mac freeze crash with gui excluded or split networks.

    CSCsj88360 Backup server list in profile not working.

    CSCsk35677 AnyConnect gives up reconnect attempts after ~30 seconds.

    CSCsk39966 AnyConnect Client pops up Certificate Verification Error upon Disconnect.

    CSCsk51997 AnyConnect doesn't connect with proxy PAC file configured in IE.

    CSCsk64409 AnyConnect stops passing data after a few rekeys - new-tunnel method.

    CSCsk75180 CLI does not show correct tunnel "stats" information.

    CSCsl06264 AnyConnect banner should be system modal - always on top.

    CSCsl19031 Vista keeps reporting the AnyConnect IP into the DNS Dynamic Update.

    CSCsl38401 AnyConnect detects ASA SSL cert as invalid connection fails.

    CSCsl39652 Linux init scripts not installed correctly in Ubuntu 7.10.

    CSCsl54475 GUI does not display server and realm for proxy creds prompt.

    CSCsl77521 Certificate auth fails under Linux SuSE 10.1 with standalone client.

    CSCsl90251 AnyConnect/SSLVPN Client Blue Screens with AT&T Global Network installed.

    CSCsm24968 Windows machine cannot be named "localhost".

    CSCsm39103 AnyConnect: With CSD enabled, AC will automatically go to last ASA.

    CSCso34634 AnyConnect upgrades fail on alternate desktop in Vista.

    CSCso43942 Agent crashes after sleep in Mac OS X, leaves network in bad state.

    New Features in Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, Release 2.2

    This release includes the following new features:

    Support for Start Before Logon for Windows Vista systems, in addition to other Windows operating systems.

    Extended customization and localization features—This version of the AnyConnect client includes enhanced customization features and language translation features. In previous versions, you could customize client installations only on an individual PC basis. With this version, the security appliance can customize the client as it downloads and installs the client on the remote PC. You can also translate the client installer. These extended features include the following items:

    • Localized installs using localized MSI transforms (Windows only).
    • Custom MSI transforms (Windows only).
    • User-defined resource files.
    • Third-party GUI/CLI support.
    • Localization for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher).
    System tray in Windows systems now shows an icon when the AnyConnect client is reconnecting after losing connectivity.

    Enhanced Network Mobility—A user can lose connectivity for an extended period of time and still be able to have the client automatically resume the connection, as long as the security appliance has not logged the session off. In addition, a VPN session can now be retained during a hibernate/standby condition. In earlier versions, the tunnel would be automatically torn down when a system entered suspend or hibernate. For Windows Vista, please see the usage note on this topic "Windows Vista Might Become Unresponsive During Sleep/Resume Cycles" section.

    Application Programming Interface (API), for customers who want to automate a VPN connection with the AnyConnect client from another application.
  2. fixtrouble

    fixtrouble Addicted to LI Member

    Help Me Please

    I want to install Cisco AnyConnect beacuse I have work to do and right now i´m stucked, but I don´t find where to download it, can you please help me telling me where to download it or pass me it please.

    Thanks 4 all
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You need a Cisco SmartNet contract for most downloads that are available on their website.
  4. fixtrouble

    fixtrouble Addicted to LI Member

    Please I beg it to you

    I do not have a license or a user for Cisco's web page, please help me I'm so desperate because I can't do my work and I don't want to change my OS because I have a lot of application that I´m developing right now, please can you pass me the application or help me to download it. Please ... :frown:
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