Cisco PIX to Linksys VPN router- Can this be done?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sbnet, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. sbnet

    sbnet Network Guru Member

    Has anyone ever successfully connected a Linksys VPN router to a Cisco PIX
    firewall? I have a BEFSX41 that I wanted to connect to my office PIX. Everything
    I tried has failed. I have been looking for some time now on a solution, but
    more so I have found that this may in fact not work at all. From what I have
    read on the forums no one has been able to make a tunnel. Yet, Linksys
    does state the opposite, that in fact this router should be able to make a

    Any help would be very appreciated
  2. DevilStick

    DevilStick Network Guru Member

    How did you set up your PIX? Manually or using the VPN wizard? Have you created a user account for PPTP? You cannot use the ones that are defined with 'username xxxx ...'

    You must have a line like:

    vpdn username DevilStick password *****

    Here my whole PPTP definition:

    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP accept dialin pptp
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP ppp authentication mschap
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP ppp encryption mppe auto
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP client configuration address local vpn-pool
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP client configuration dns
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP pptp echo 60
    vpdn group PPTP-VPDN-GROUP client authentication local
    vpdn username DevilStick password *****
    vpdn enable outside

    The config above is just for windows client. What authentication uses the linksys? PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP?

    You should also have a look in the logs. Maybe you can find there any hint why your connection fails:

    # conf t
    (config)# logging on
    (config)# logging buffered debug
    (config)# debug crypto vpnclient
    (config)# exit
    # show logging

    Make a connection and use 'show logging to view log buffer. Whan you have a console cable, you can directly log to console.
  3. sbnet

    sbnet Network Guru Member

    I am not looking to do a "dial" in VPN connection, I can already do that with either MS PPTP client or the Cisco client. What I am looking for is to connect the Linksys VPN endpoint to a PIX. According to Linksys, this router should act as a VPN endpoint. But it seems only one person has been able to do that, but they did not post the config. I found this on the forum, but the post was several years old.
  4. DevilStick

    DevilStick Network Guru Member

    Hmmm, so you want a site-to-site PPTP connection between PIX and linksys. Don't know whether this works.
    When using VPN wizard and selecting site-to-site vpn, you do not have any more the chance to chose between ipsec, l2tp and pptp.

    I did not find any manual or url for this configuration, either. Only PPTP as remote access. If your linksys router could behave like a client, you should be able to configure site-to-side vpn.
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