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    Change log:

    Revision: Version 8.0.4(23) – 02/04/2009
    File: asa804-23-k8.bin
    Defects resolved since 8.0.4(16):

    CSCeh26990 'asdm image' command added to config without user intervention
    CSCsq84093 PIX/ASA: Accounting packet shows "unknown" as username
    CSCsq87422 "show failover" on PIX does not show monitored interfaces after upgrade
    CSCsq91271 IKE FSM for AM responder gets into bad state + error loop
    CSCsr02395 copying config via tftp breaks through ipsec l2l tunnel
    CSCsr40409 WebVPN: Group-URL feature fails when connection profile name has spaces
    CSCsr84465 Backup option in ASDM causes traceback on secondary unit with failover
    CSCsu05551 brief outage re-establishing failover link/state in active/active mode
    CSCsu37787 Redistributed static routes take a while to show up in OSPF database
    CSCsu38259 ASP Classify Table for WCCP not Updated on Service Port Change from CE
    CSCsu76101 Traceback in thread name Dispatch Unit
    CSCsu99909 PIX/ASA apply/remove Virtual Telnet with interface IP kills mgmt traffic
    CSCsv19080 ASA5580: no buffer counter may increment for no apparent reason
    CSCsv21224 ASA process invalid OSPF MD5 sequence numbers
    CSCsv27829 ASA 5580 stops forwarding traffic while checking CRL
    CSCsv28360 SSH/Telnet are not started on Standby Unit
    CSCsv32233 ASA: CLI 'icmp permit' allows to configure unsupported types
    CSCsv34429 Unable to configure ntp server when static PAT for UDP/123 is configured
    CSCsv39815 DAP: Bookmark URL list is not being concatenated
    CSCsv42924 Traceback in ' Dispatch Unit' on ASA with AIP-SSM in Inline Mode
    CSCsv44963 ASA not sending gratuitous ARP for WebVPN/RA static IPs in VPN cluster
    CSCsv47296 sharepoint 2007:excel2003: upload file, edit, then opened does not open
    CSCsv52800 Traceback in Dispatch Unit when phones re-register with different IP
    CSCsv54122 ASA transparent mode: broadcast ARP reflected on same interface
    CSCsv57765 Traceback in Thread Dispatch Unit with SIP and possible IPv6 address
    CSCsv59883 ASA5510 Traceback when VPN timeout set to maximum
    CSCsv65768 Webvpn memory leak in ramfs-blocks
    CSCsv73652 ASA 5580 traceback in Crypto CA (Page fault)
    CSCsv76871 ASA may reload with traceback in thread name: vpnlb_thread
    CSCsv81200 SQLNET transfer fails due to TCP proxy dropping unsupported TDS frames
    CSCsv83232 Redundant ASA-507003 Syslog Printed for Denies by URL Filtering
    CSCsv86408 Phone Proxy: packet re-ordering and delay causes popping sound in call
    CSCsv89678 80-byte Block Exhaustion in EIGRP with Phone Proxy Configured
    CSCsv89730 Trraceback when zonelabs-integrity server interface inside is configured
    CSCsv91797 Nested Traceback: addressable memory check problem
    CSCsv95555 ASA may fail to send an ARP reply to zero-sourced request
    CSCsv97790 Traceback: IKE Daemon (Old pc 0x0845712b <IkeDaemon+171>
    CSCsv97892 Traceback with Thread Name: IKE Daemon
    CSCsw14645 Unable to browse DFS share throught webvpn when DFS replication is used.
    CSCsw14926 Traceback: Thread Name: IP Thread
    CSCsw16801 first login attempt fails if TACACS+ server behind IPSEC tunnel
    CSCsw18184 Ethertype ACL with multiple remarks causes traceback
    CSCsw20027 JavaScript and Flash rewriter may leak memory
    CSCsw24890 Wildcard in WebType ACL does not recognize special characters
    CSCsw28388 ASA 8.04 - memory leak in DMA crypto free memory
    CSCsw30301 Undefined message in AnyConnect page on WebVPN.
    CSCsw31799 ASA traceback in thread Checkheaps due to tacplus_snd stack overflow
    CSCsw32254 Traceback in 'ddns_dynamic_update_process' Thread
    CSCsw33175 Route-map to redistribute OSPF into EIGRP does not take effect
    CSCsw36505 ASA 5505 SVI goes down even though an active port exists in the vlan
    CSCsw43719 AnyConnect standalone group-url:password should be Passcode
    CSCsw44081 Shut down Sub-Interface processes packets
    CSCsw45716 RDP plugin not started with Java
    CSCsw45739 rdp-plugin JAVA session does not have the "home" or "logout" buttons
    CSCsw46571 ASA traceback in Thread Name: Unicorn Proxy Thread
    CSCsw48687 Telnet and SSH bookmarks greyed out
    CSCsw51590 ASA/PIX may experience memory leak related to WebVPN (Chunkstat)
    CSCsw61870 ASA not trying next DNS server when receiving rcode 2 (Server Failure)
    CSCsw65973 AnyConnect prompt for user/pass after Smartcard cert authentication
    CSCsw67427 ASA memory leak related to cert auth w/ webvpn
    CSCsw69862 EZVPN with Autoconnect in NEM mode fails during rekey
    CSCsw73355 Incorrect amount of memory displayed in the "show memory detail" output
    CSCsw75854 WebVPN: unmangled requests on ESS module of SAP
    CSCsw91497 Multicontext Transparent firewall with ASR groups sets wrong Dest-MAC
    CSCsx03746 "threat-detection statistics host" disappears
    CSCsx04881 Webvpn bookmark redirects to webvpn logout page
    CSCsx05766 Smart tunnel'ed bookmark does not load with Java 6 update 10 onwards
    CSCsx07146 LDAP: watchdog reload while doing large AD Group list retrieval

    FYI a Cisco Service Contract is required to download any ASA Software.
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