Cisco Release Interim ASA Software

Discussion in 'Other Cisco Equipment' started by Toxic, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Cisco have release 2 new ASA software Interim releases.

    v7.2.3.16 and v8.0.3.6 this fix a number of Caveats that have been ongoing for sometime. You will need a TAC Account to download the Software.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I said a number of fixes, however this is more than just a few....

    Revision: Version 8.0.3(6) – 2/18/2008
    File: asa803-6-k8.bin
    Defects resolved since 8.0.3:

    CSCec09678 PIX ENH - TCP Intercept needs additional counters .
    CSCsc68338 Add 'hits' option to 'show asp table classify'
    CSCsd71737 show local-host command should be able to rank hosts by number of conns
    CSCse45807 help regex, shows incorrect spelling, Asteric. Should be Asterisk
    CSCse90709 Pix/ASA: captures on interfaces should capture all packets
    CSCsf19791 SSO syslogs 716053-716054..Remove the word New from syslogs
    CSCsh56136 Failed or Cancelled Authens should drop user to Main File Access page.
    CSCsh94357 Clean up ldap cisco-attribute-names used in ldap-attribute-map
    CSCsi34991 ENH - clear conn - need ability to clear out a single connection
    CSCsi41346 user session and idle timeout values not honored by cut-thru-pxy
    CSCsi44312 ENH - Need ability to clear asp table hit counters
    CSCsi49983 Periodic HW crypto errors 402123 & 402125 see with L2TP/IPSEC
    CSCsi59216 Misspelling in 'show asp drop' output
    CSCsi59243 ESMTP inspect drop syslog needs to indicate drop reason
    CSCsi75507 Support for multi-session Accounting SSL Clientless and AnyConnect .
    CSCsi84143 Mem del-free-poisoner fails to svc alloc requests from the poisoned pool
    CSCsj12827 WebVPN: Start Applications button should be disabled when PF is disabled
    CSCsj12938 PIX/ASA - show ip audit count - signatures 6050 - 6053 are Informational
    CSCsj16025 Need easier mappings of drop reasons to capture types
    CSCsj23093 WebVPN-VLAN attribute missing from ldap-attribute-map list .
    CSCsj44553 Usage information incorrect for speed duplex commands redundant intf .
    CSCsj54099 Cisco logo in information display during boot up process needs update
    CSCsj71788 Slow response when entering commands via Telnet
    CSCsj91809 Clientless email proxy POP3S with Outlook 2007 not working
    CSCsj95463 X11 fwding:Java Plug-Ins should not try to connect to localhost via ASA
    CSCsj96350 ASA-5505 drops packets on the Native VLAN of Trunk port
    CSCsj99268 ASA webvpn on mobile browsers not loading homepage url
    CSCsk00089 ASA 7.2 : Firewall-MIB : no snmp object for failover lan int status .
    CSCsk01987 ASA Crash file system node is getting deallocated .
    CSCsk07927 Capture help: real-time and match options not displayed on the help .
    CSCsk14532 ASA - FTP Type Mount remains inaccessible if FTP server goes offline .
    CSCsk18083 nat exemption access-list not checked for protocol or port when applied
    CSCsk18084 cikeTunnelTable does not populate for some of the ISAKMP SA's. .
    CSCsk19065 Excessive High CPU and packets drops when applying ACL to an interface .
    CSCsk33027 Password-management with wrong auth server should give clear error msg .
    CSCsk43103 Traceback in Thread Name emweb/https
    CSCsk49506 Local-host for u-turn traffic on lowest sec level used for license limit
    CSCsk50879 L2TP with EAP authenticatio In use List count session leaking
    CSCsk58346 Memory leak when adding/removing nameif (sp_actions)
    CSCsk58966 internal password does not work with BASIC authentication
    CSCsk59083 ASA 5505 failover: rebooted unit becomes active after reload
    CSCsk59189 Top N data sent to ASDM is incorrect when ACE changes
    CSCsk60110 ASA webvpn APCF command is accepted but not seen in the config
    CSCsk64117 CPU Hog seen generating RSA keys during SSH session establishment
    CSCsk64428 High CPU when polling VPN MIBs via SNMP
    CSCsk65211 ASA5505 inside interface w/23bit or smaller subnet mask becomes unstable
    CSCsk65788 FO: Webvpn customization import not replicated to Standby device
    CSCsk65863 traceback in ppp_timer_thread
    CSCsk65940 crashinfo file corrupted, extra text appended to bottom
    CSCsk66924 ASDM: Monitoring Used memory records different stats history
    CSCsk68895 Traceback in thread name Dispatch Unit with IDS packet recv
    CSCsk69537 Traceback in Dispatch Unit during ASDM access
    CSCsk69878 ASA running 8.0.2 rejects DHCP leases less than 32 seconds
    CSCsk70211 help inspect does not list im
    CSCsk70941 Traceback in Thread Dispatch Unit: snp_tcp_timeout_cb
    CSCsk71006 ipv6 acl don't have acl options when using MPF .
    CSCsk71135 ASA 7.2.3 - Traceback in Unicorn Proxy Thread
    CSCsk71413 Traceback: chunk memory corruption with caller occam_arena__get_block.
    CSCsk76770 vpn-filter may prevent renegotiation of the tunnel
    CSCsk77197 RDP and citrix plugins fail with java error when ACL applied in DAP
    CSCsk77613 webvpn: 3 MB/day mem leak with 76288 byte frag on lightly used device
    CSCsk79728 ASA5550 7.2.3 traceback with Dispatch Unit
    CSCsk80789 RTSP inspection changes Media Player version to
    CSCsk81765 ASA webvpn APCF command is not in config: re-occurence of CSCsk60110
    CSCsk82261 ASA 8.0.2: threat-detection command does not work with names
    CSCsk84801 WCCP GRE packets decapsulated when passing through pix
    CSCsk85428 Traceback in scheduler
    CSCsk85441 Traceback in thread https_proxy
    CSCsk86073 debug webvpn javascript trace user not seen in show debug
    CSCsk86131 TFW: ethertype acls don't permit certain MACs as advertised
    CSCsk87263 translation template should be updated
    CSCsk88239 Update OpenSSL for DTLS vulnerability
    CSCsk88517 Accessing webvpn URL via WEBVPN portal with same-security restarts ASA
    CSCsk88562 CSC-SSM: 1550-byte block depletion
    CSCsk89452 Remote-access users are mapped to RADIUS Service-Type 1 Login
    CSCsk89639 Traceback with Thread Name: Checkheaps
    CSCsk90368 SNMP linkup trap not sent with logging history .
    CSCsk90689 telnet to the box and vpn tunnels fail due to 0-byte block depletion
    CSCsk91351 RadiusSdi: System Generated PIN is not being sent to AnyConnect
    CSCsk91498 CIFS: access denied w/special character in password - anonymous login
    CSCsk92218 plugins should be updated in Perforce
    CSCsk93005 APCF should support HTTP version modification in the HTTP header
    CSCsk93067 no management-access Inside still allows telnet over IPSec tunnel
    CSCsk93418 WebVPN: Allow local content in the html pane
    CSCsk93628 Packet dropped when mss-exceed is configured to allow
    CSCsk94835 UDP SIP not being inspected by default-inspection-class
    CSCsk95133 Traceback in Thread Unicorn Proxy related to WebVPN page rewrite
    CSCsk95926 File browser: No error message popup in case of renaminig failed
    CSCsk96050 ASA - traceback in Thread Name: ssh
    CSCsk97406 AnyConnect standalone with CSD pre-login failure takes 4 min
    CSCsk97671 VPN client with NULL Encryption L2TP-IPSec behind NAT drops on 71st sec
    CSCsk97693 support WebStart for plugins
    CSCsk98416 Support forcing aaa username derived from cert
    CSCsk99012 copy smb failed in multiple mode
    CSCsl00976 Traceback eip 0x08fddcb6
    CSCsl11139 ASA context listed as Unknown in 'show event alert' output .
    CSCsl11321 ASA doesn't send coldStart trap when speed/duplex is fixed as 100/full
    CSCsl11678 Error: Failed to register 750 blocks for inspection,...
    CSCsl11726 EasyVPN Remote: _vpnc_no_nat_acl saved in config
    CSCsl11959 Memory leak in pre-fill username feature
    CSCsl11965 QUACK: test ecdsa commands are not recognized in multimode .
    CSCsl11986 When CSCsl10562 happens users are admitted without DAP being applied
    CSCsl12010 flash memory corruption issues
    CSCsl12239 WebVPN: OWA 2K -> shortcuts pane does not load
    CSCsl12366 assertion addr->ip_version == mask->ip_version in snp_nat_xlate.c
    CSCsl12449 DHCP Client - remove minimum lease time restriction .
    CSCsl12472 Traceback in emweb/https observed on ASA
    CSCsl13753 import stdin need to be able to work with asdm .
    CSCsl14163 print_np_flow function should use %llu for bytes display
    CSCsl14538 help inspect shows Unrecognized command: inspect
    CSCsl14914 webvpn rewriter causing webpage to fail .
    CSCsl15013 DHCPrelay broken with 2 DHCPrelay servers when second one out of service
    CSCsl16873 'show webvpn csd' may display version incorrectly .
    CSCsl17136 H323: Video breaks with inspection enabled.
    CSCsl18404 WebVPN: OWA -> text undefined being appended to HTML message body .
    CSCsl18668 last configured dhcprelay server shows up first in configuration .
    CSCsl19093 Config: show run all does not show default checkheaps
    CSCsl19264 the length of the url in homepage CLI should be enlarged .
    CSCsl19419 enabling acl-netmask-convert wildcard does not accept acl with host .
    CSCsl21500 Traceback with 'no capture ' for ISAKMP type capture .
    CSCsl21953 Failover configured w/ Redundant I/F is unstable after conf-replication
    CSCsl23542 User Certificate mappings against the whole field failing
    CSCsl26200 ASA SSL VPN ACL bypass
    CSCsl26957 SNMP Remote Access MIB crasSessionTable does not return data
    CSCsl28306 PIX/ASA default route redistributed into EIGRP when explicitly disabled
    CSCsl28971 ASA reloads in IPsec message handler thread
    CSCsl29315 ASA-3-713902 appears on standby unit when disconnecting VPN connection
    CSCsl29851 ASA sends as caller-id for command authorization
    CSCsl30307 PIX/ASA fails to install sub-ordinate CA certificate
    CSCsl31908 ASA: SIP inspection drops SIP message 200 OK from 3rd party CosmoCall
    CSCsl31965 cosmetic issues in various show ouputs for l2tp over ipsec
    CSCsl32225 Traceback in Thread Name: Checkheaps when Simultaneous login set to 1
    CSCsl33289 WebVPN: Implement SSHv2 plugin without relying on AppGate/Mindterm
    CSCsl35603 Memory corruption with csc and nat testing .
    CSCsl35949 ASA: Webvpn rewriter causing Javascript rewrite error
    CSCsl37063 DTLS crash in TLS fragment handling
    CSCsl37371 anyconnect (DTLS failover) - idle timeout not effective
    CSCsl37767 Traceback when timeout with L2TP and delay-free-poisoner enabled .
    CSCsl38314 HA: SNMP trap authentication replicated to standby improperly
    CSCsl38482 Outlook web access 2007 premium issues with clientless webvpn
    CSCsl40367 DDNS updates append duplicate domain name
    CSCsl44845 bad vPifNum errors on AAA accounting for a RA vpn session on boot
    CSCsl45763 Syslog message during config-replication: invalid function
    CSCsl46310 ASA error: Unable to download NAT policy for ACE with nat 0 ACL
    CSCsl47479 ASA not checking certificate key usage for AnyConnect
    CSCsl48060 show route int : Could display wrong information
    CSCsl49999 ! used in downloadable ACL yields error unable to apply access list
    CSCsl52765 TD may put target of no-reply UDP sessions to shunned list
    CSCsl53995 5510 interface can be set to1000Mbps with base license
    CSCsl54352 8.0.3: snp_td_init_acl_hit_top_history not being freed when ACLs removed
    CSCsl55623 SNMP link trap varbind list missing values
    CSCsl56635 Input errors remains 0 even when CRC counts up
    CSCsl59108 Auto-signon servers not inherited from DfltGrpPolicy
    CSCsl59572 ASA LDAP Mapping should not map 0 to values with no match
    CSCsl60057 ASA5505: Help for native vlan command is missing
    CSCsl63265 Error message: Customization is in use, unable to remove.
    CSCsl63901 some url links dont work with smarttunnel in Vista
    CSCsl64946 5510 Ethernet interface fail speed auto negotiation when boot up.
    CSCsl66758 TCP intercept comes before ACL checks. All TCP ports appear open.
    CSCsl67229 ASA: timeout sip_media is not working properly
    CSCsl68785 Confusing Error message when Interfaces have overlapping networks
    CSCsl70296 failover link is lost with redundant int and EIGRP after rebooting
    CSCsl70406 Modifying 3rd Octet of IP address pool drops clients.
    CSCsl70685 Traceback in Thread Name: accept/http
    CSCsl70934 ASA 5540 traceback due to DFS/CIFS issue
    CSCsl71223 Clearing webvpn channels may cause traceback in Unicorn Proxy Thread
    CSCsl73850 Traceback occurs when SIP session is active and switchover occurs twice
    CSCsl74327 Traceback in fover_parse when editing ACL config
    CSCsl74552 Webvpn misinterpreting asp url's
    CSCsl74889 ASA 8.0.3 traceback if L2TP - IPSEC use AES256
    CSCsl75006 Traceback on entering command vpnclient nem-st-autoconnect
    CSCsl76781 Parser Cleanup - passwords should be adjacent to each other
    CSCsl78107 Add timestamp indicating when the show asp table counters were cleared
    CSCsl78110 Downloadable ACL does not get removed from memory in some scenarios
    CSCsl78638 stateful subinterface would not become Up, remains Failed
    CSCsl82188 AnyConnect fails to connect with /32 mask (
    CSCsl82211 Nas-Port attribute different for authentication and accounting in sslvpn
    CSCsl83313 access-group sometimes take more than 10 min to execute
    CSCsl83798 Add timestamp indicating when the show asp drop counters were cleared
    CSCsl84122 Xlate timers for RTP/RTCP on ASA are always 30 seconds
    CSCsl84179 Traceback at ssh thread when working with 'capture'
    CSCsl84204 Xlate timers for RTP/RTCP on standby ASA aren't synchronized with active
    CSCsl87918 IPSec: RESPONDER-LIFETIME not properly created.
    CSCsl88161 CSD not starting on Linux - webstart.xml parsing error (malformed)
    CSCsl89215 Changing spd/dup from auto to forced may result in erroneous config
    CSCsl89537 SIP: ASA improperly adds some value in From-tag when sending BYE
    CSCsl89602 ASA ignores direct WebVPN URLs (favicon.ico problem)
    CSCsl89653 SIP connection entry not be cleared after sip_disconnect timeout
    CSCsl93003 TACACS+ allow enable command but ASA output Command authorization fail
    CSCsl93495 SIP: ASA shows 4xx response message as 500 on debug sip
    CSCsl95043 PIX/ASA: L2TP/IPsec needs both ipsec and l2tp-ipsec in group-policy
    CSCsl95856 DHCP learned default route not in route table if other DHCP interfaces
    CSCsl96219 SIP:ASA fails to associate re-invites to the original SIP session
    CSCsl97339 WebVPN: A page is not properly displayed if accessed by Webvpn
    CSCsl98404 CIFS: access denied with percentage symbol in password.
    CSCsm00894 ASA LDAP MAP fails on IETF-Radius-Framed-IP-Address
    CSCsm03104 ASA, write standby copies a no crypto isakmp nat-traversal
    CSCsm03751 SNMP Coldstart Trap is Only Sent to the Last Configured NMS
    CSCsm05181 traceback in Thread: vpnfol_thread_msg
    CSCsm07888 Authenticator value on retransmitted RADIUS request pkt changed
    CSCsm10187 Both Pri/Sec ASA don't send coldstart trap when both units are available
    CSCsm11925 ASA WebVPN generates bad Citrix ticket causing SSL Error 35 on client
    CSCsm12064 ASA traceback in Dispatch Unit Old pc 0x0816a874 ebp 0xc791e828
    CSCsm13195 Clientless SSL VPN needs to reset session clock during FTP transfers
    CSCsm13717 SNMP Remote Access MIB crasSessionTable returns incorrect data
    CSCsm15458 unicorn_get_recovery_flag should not call Lua
    CSCsm16144 unicorn_admin_accept_atexit needs to release config lock
    CSCsm16173 SSL VPN Clientless: flash demo not working on
    CSCsm17247 H323/NAT-Setup msg with SupportedFeatures extensions malformed after NAT
    CSCsm18372 show input hardware queue max counters incorrect
    CSCsm18415 SIP:debug pix process sends update xlate timeout in msce and sec.
    CSCsm18437 clear interface doesn't clear max queue counter
    CSCsm18721 WebVPN: webtype TCP option w port set is failing w plugins
    CSCsm21708 DAP: Tunnel Group returns Null after new pin mode challenge
    CSCsm21719 threat-detection not releasing cached memory after being disabled
    CSCsm22241 PIX/ASA vlan mapping fails when username is less than 4 characters
    CSCsm23464 CTM HW memory debug feature
    CSCsm23689 SSL session cache size is too large for some platforms
    CSCsm24814 CSD: HostScan does not work on Linux using JRE 1.5 and higher
    CSCsm25189 ASA demonstrates inconsistent behavior for different kind of SIP packets
    CSCsm29337 Dest unicast address to multicast address NAT not working in 7.x
    CSCsm31973 ASA snmpwalk on cefcMIBEnableStatusNotification : value returned : 2
    CSCsm33440 Java WebStart: JNLP jar links with absolute URLs are not rewritten
    CSCsm33600 Keep secinsp*.jar in cache directory when CSD is disabled
    CSCsm39195 Improper zeroing of structure could result in access of freed memory
    CSCsm39684 Boston AT: IPSEC rekey does not occur
    CSCsm42296 SSH plugin--option to open another window to the portal
    CSCsm46880 Aware HTTP Server: memory leak
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