Cisco release Interim ASDM 6.0(3)58

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  1. Toxic

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    Revision: ASDM 6.0(3)58
    File: asdm-60358.bin

    Defects Resolved in ASDM 6.0(3)58 since 6.0(3)
    CSCsi07079 Need to warn the user when static interface PAT is changed.
    CSCsi26704 timeout:mgcp pat should error for timeout less than 30 seconds
    CSCsi93348 ASDM: add DAP endpoint selection attribute endpoint.hostname
    CSCsj00059 ASDM: VPN-Session Details, ACL hits not updated even after Refresh
    CSCsj16580 Cannot configure TLS Maximum Sessions in multiple mode
    CSCsj20874 HAS wizard requires standby address for dhcp or pppoe interface
    CSCsj40666 ASDM: no control for configuring vpn load-balancing trustpoint
    CSCsk48867 HAS wizard needs to disable stateful fover before config failover link
    CSCsk56244 ASDM: Accommodate Mindterm SSH2 plugin
    CSCsk83257 ASDM doesn't report the user licenses in use
    CSCsk97052 Time screen is stuck in ASDM demo mode
    CSCsl02675 ASDM>Tools> ping fails when entering hostname in IP address field
    CSCsl12327 Upgrade software shows older versions
    CSCsl22100 ip names in source ip field of real time log viewer truncated after dot
    CSCsl22151 Editing SSL cert mapping criteria produces error
    CSCsl30904 Top10 access rule has hit count of 0
    CSCsl32537 Table headers wrapped around
    CSCsl37007 ASDM doesn't recognize the NFS service over UDP in an access list
    CSCsl37697 Changing HA monitored interfaces in ASDM clears EIGRP 'no passive..'
    CSCsl38474 Restore functionality missing
    CSCsl42026 ASDM: Hangs when filtering in log view
    CSCsl46143 ASDM 6.0.2 fails to show CSD configuration
    CSCsl48193 VPN Wizard cannot complete when max number of transform-sets (11) set
    CSCsl53550 Logging filters for specific event classes are wrong on the PIX
    CSCsl58426 ASDM:Tools-Backup Config- missing CSD (data.xml) option
    CSCsl61743 Save to flash does not work after clicking the Refresh button
    CSCsl70272 authorization setting - use-entire-name not recognized by ASDM
    CSCsl73217 Update the Cisco Name LDAP-Attribute-Mapping list
    CSCsl80739 Connection Profile/Tunnel-Group not accept pre-shared key with spaces
    CSCsl83539 NoSuchElementException from malformed log messages
    CSCsl90343 asdm limits to 100 named interfaces instead of 150
    CSCsm10371 Logging Filters: Add buttons are clipped in the Edit dialog
    CSCsm10513 ASDM:Add new aaa-server radius parameter (interim-accounting-update)
    CSCsm10827 Change field name from Localization Template Name to Translation Domain.
    CSCsm11214 ASDM 6.0.3 fail to add non-English endpoint attribute
    CSCsm12966 ASDM hangs at 77%
    CSCsm14008 ASDM: add DAP attribute endpoint.device.MAC
    CSCsm15637 ASDM: Backup configuration does not complete
    CSCsm15806 Incorrect validation for SNMP Host
    CSCsm15929 DAP: non-English chars saved incorrectly
    CSCsm17245 DAP expression generated by ASDM does not have the intended effect
    CSCsm23095 ASDM: http/https proxy and pac file config need to be mutually exclusive
    CSCsm24132 ASDM: ACL for Client FW does not appear in drop down list
    CSCsm38166 ASDM: Tools-Restore Configurations..missing CSD Configuration option
    CSCsm42552 Authorization "User Name Mapping" heading text change
    CSCsm44673 Translation Domain drop-list of Add Language Localization Entry window
    CSCsm44922 eigrp/setup/passive interface panel: couple of minor bugs
    CSCsm48893 ASDM sending old form of CLI - authorization-dn-att
    CSCsm52038 ASDM/boot system image cmds not sent from Upgd Sw in MRM tools menu
    CSCsm56082 ASDM in active/active mode problem policy-map sub commands to standby
    CSCsm60476 Incorrect OLH Content for Browser-based > Connection Profiles
    CSCsm60736 ASDM: trustpoint configuration for 'client-types X"
    CSCsm67391 ASDM stuck displaying Proxies

    The new ASDM is available from Cisco for those with a TAC Software account
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    v6.11 has now been released however there is no release notes as yet.
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